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Vector to Debut Remote Cardiac Program Maturity Assessment at Heart Rhythm 2021

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Vector Remote Care announced today the launch of a Remote Cardiac Monitoring (RCM) Maturity Assessment to help cardiology practices understand both the current state of their program and how to grow and improve it to drive value for their patients and practice. Vector will debut the assessment at the Heart Rhythm Society’s annual conference, Heart Rhythm 2021, which kicks off on June 30th virtually, and in Boston July 28th. Virtual and live attendees are invited to take the free assessment and see immediately how their program capabilities stack up against the key findings from the 2021 State of Remote Cardiac Monitoring Report.

Earlier in the year, Vector conducted the 2021 State of Remote Cardiac Monitoring Survey that generated important market information regarding the overall state of remote cardiac monitoring in the US. The survey revealed that there are significant opportunities for cardiology practices to improve their remote monitoring programs. As a result, Vector developed the RCM Maturity Assessment to help cardiac practices identify where they fall on the maturity curve and how to approach next steps in program advancement. The maturity assessment segments cardiac practices into five levels of RCM program maturity; practices are then categorized as leading, following or failing based on their relative adoption of technology and patient engagement strategy.

According to Kristin Stitt, DNP, APRN, Chief Clinical Officer at Vector, “Many cardiology clinics believe they are doing a great job with their RCM programs, yet often their programs are lacking in the rigor needed to actually improve health outcomes. Patient compliance is low and manual processes leave little room for scaling. The Maturity Assessment is an opportunity for reflection and, for many, an eye-opener that their program has room for improvement. Understanding program shortcomings is the first step toward optimizing a practice’s remote monitoring program for value and becoming a leader in RCM.”

Cardiology practices that wish to take their RCM program to the next level are encouraged to attend a clinical presentation—The Path to Value: The Integration of People, Process, Technology and Evidence for CIED Remote Monitoring. As presenter, Stitt will demonstrate the attributes of an optimal RCM program—one that benefits both patients and the cardiology practice. Stitt’s presentations are scheduled for Wednesday, July 28, 2:30 pm ET and Friday, July 30, 11 am ET, in booth #1042 at Heart Rhythm 2021 in the Boston Convention Center.

For those unable to attend the live Heart Rhythm 2021 event, the RCM Maturity Assessment is available on Additionally, the Path to Value discussion will be available as a video presentation following the event. Visit to learn more.

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