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Valamis’ Global Survey Reveals the State of L&D in 2019

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Valamis, the global leader in digital learning technologies and workforce development, published results from the “Learning and Development in Organizations in 2019 Report”, which combines key results from national surveys executed in the US, Germany, and Finland between April and July of 2019.

The importance of learning and development for the organization’s success is recognized throughout each country surveyed; 96 percent of all respondents stated that it is very important or of medium importance to continually update the knowledge and skills of employees.

The country comparison reveals that learning and development have reached greater maturity in the US when compared with Germany and Finland. Digital learning environments are more widely in use in organizations, and they are being updated to newer platforms more often.

The top two challenges for learning and development were the same in all countries: No time and no money, and the third challenge was not the right tools in use (the US, Germany) or no defined responsibility of organizational learning and development (Finland). An interesting fact was the difference between employee level and management level responses related to encouragement in skills development. In all markets, employees felt less encouraged to develop their skills than managers.

“According to our survey, around a third of organizations don’t have a specific person or a team that is responsible for organizational learning and development in the US and Germany. When thinking that the lack of time is the biggest challenge for learning followed by lack of money and not having the right tools in use, it is crucial for organizations’ future success to allocate more resources for L&D and enable learning in a flow of work”, said Janne Hietala, Chief Visionary Officer, Valamis.

Download the infographic combining the key results from national surveys here.

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