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UiPath Supports Byte Back to Prepare the Workforce of the Future

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the leading robotic process automation (RPA) software company, today
announced a partnership with Byte
, a DC-based nonprofit with 22 years of experience providing
inclusive tech education. The collaboration aims to create a pathway for
more diversity in tech and enable adults who have been traditionally
left out of the digital economy to enter living-wage careers using RPA.

Beginning earlier this year, UiPath offered a four-month program
designed to teach students about RPA through business analyst training
and three levels of developer training. Through this course, enrolled
students were taught about robotics through a blended experience of
online classes, in-class mentoring and class activities. Students
learned how to identify business processes that could be automated,
understand where efficiencies could be created and develop and implement
the required bots.

The first cohort of 11 students has completed and passed the first two
phases of the curriculum. The program will culminate with a
certification exam, administered by an independent facility.

“It was a big blessing to get into Byte Back’s UiPath class,” said Mario
Fernandez, a student in the class. “This training will definitely help
my resume and my career in tech.”

UiPath welcomed the students to its Together
event today to learn about the use cases and
opportunities for RPA in local federal agencies. The company also
announced that those students who complete the course and pass the test
will be offered full-time jobs at UiPath partner Anika Systems, a
Leesburg, VA-based small business consulting company.

“This program has piqued my interest in computer science and possibly
changed the direction of my career,” said Tasneem Abdus-Shakur, a Byte
Back student. “It excites me to become one of the grassroots individuals
who may enable change with how work is approached in daily life.”

“I’m grateful Byte Back and UiPath teamed up to offer such cutting-edge
RPA technology training,” said Carla Chambers, a Byte Back student.
“Such an opportunity means that no willing and able members of the
community are left behind in pursuit of a career in technology.”

“UiPath’s goal to democratize RPA and Byte Back’s goal to put ‘Tech
Within Reach’ made this partnership as easy as building a robot,” said
Jim Walker, UiPath federal CTO and director of public sector marketing.
“Often we hear about a digital workforce of the future, but the future
is here. With Anika’s announcement, our students can be on the leading
edge of the AI employment wave. Our desire to get them ‘work ready’ is
only surpassed by their personal drive and determination. Partnering
with Byte Back and the efforts of the students both inspires and humbles
our team.”

“Imagine what poverty in this country would look like if everybody had
the opportunity to have a living-wage career in tech,” said Elizabeth
Lindsey, executive director of Byte Back. “Together, UiPath and Byte
Back are providing skills that will drive the workplace of the future,
and we’re fortunate to have a partner that is leading the industry in AI
and automation.”

UiPath firmly believes in preparing the workforce of the future.
According to research
from Brookings, under-represented groups are likely to be the most
affected by automation. This intentionally inclusive initiative is a
proof point of the strides UiPath is taking to make this a reality. In
addition to its work with Byte Back, UiPath also provides the broader
community with opportunities to learn and collaborate through free
online training via the UiPath
and the Academic
Alliance, which partners with colleges and universities.

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