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U.S. Air Force Sponsors Spy Movie-Style Physical Hacking Challenge

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The Air Force Research Laboratory is sponsoring an elite hacking challenge for New York City-area colleges and universities that will test students’ ability to hack into physical security systems.

“No Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Hack” (found at is a sophisticated spy movie-style hacking challenge that involves both cyber and physical break-in techniques. The three-stage capture-the-flag hacking competition involves reverse engineering, vulnerability discovery and exploit development specific to embedded and cyber-physical systems. To win, participants will have to circumvent remote monitoring systems (IP security cameras), remote defense systems (simulated gun turret) and access control systems (RFID door locks) in order to gain access to a secure container.

Winners will receive paid internships with AFRL partners, performing cutting-edge work in embedded cybersecurity.

Online qualifying rounds have already begun, and the final physical challenge will take place at Red Balloon Security’s new headquarters in Midtown Manhattan on March 21, 2020.


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