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Tymeshift Launches Free WFH Plan as Part of Zendesk’s New Product Bundle to Help Businesses Support Customers and Boost Remote Agent Productivity

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Tymeshift, a workforce management solution built for the modern age, today announces the launch of their free WFH Plan that will give teams six months of access to the platform’s most useful tools for teams switching to working from home as well as six months of free access of their full Enterprise Plan for healthcare teams.

Tymeshift takes a unique approach to managing customer experience teams by focusing on agent engagement and satisfaction alongside management tools and reporting capabilities. The WFH Plan is being launched in conjunction with Zendesk’s Remote Support Bundle and will assist teams in making a smooth transition to working from home.

“In the past few weeks, we’ve been contacted by so many managers who sign up for Tymeshift without even trying it just because they’re suddenly faced with making a WFH plan for their teams in the wake of COVID-19. The last thing we want to do is charge these teams when what they really need is help. Naturally, we knew that Zendesk would be working on a solution, so we combined forces to hopefully help teams adjust to their new way of operating. To put it simply, we know this is the right thing to do and aligns with our core values. Everyone on the team has fully supported it.” – Elisa Reggiardo, Tymeshift’s CBO.

Access to Free Tools for WFH Teams

As many organizations are making the transition to working from home, they are finding it more difficult to get organized. Problems no one previously anticipated are suddenly taking a great deal of time and effort for managers to sort out. That, combined with the need for agents and support representatives to understand where and how they should be spending their time, means that teams are seeing drops in productivity and losing valuable time.

The WFH Plan gives teams the tools they need to get and stay organized at no cost. This plan includes access to a set of Tymeshift’s most popular features including omnichannel tracking, custom AUX states, the ability to see who is working in real time, an agent activity overview to see what each agent worked on, timecards for agents and managers to view daily and weekly activity, and customizable themes and colors. Together, these features will allow teams to know what activities are on-track and where some fine-tuning might need to happen.

Increased Support for Healthcare Organizations

“It’s important to do everything we can to help in this situation. We are well aware of the stress people are under, and while this is just a small gesture, we really hope it helps. If your team is finding the switch to WFH more complicated than you’d like, give the tools Zendesk is sharing a try. And if you’re on a healthcare team, let us know. We’ll help you get Tymeshift up and running so you can focus on more critical things.” – David Birchmier, Tymeshift Founder and CEO.

The healthcare workers who are dedicating their time and resources to keeping us all safe are also in need of some additional resources to ensure they are able to answer critical health questions and cover all of their response channels. As a result, Tymeshift will provide six-months of free access to their Enterprise Plan for healthcare teams. With the Enterprise Plan, healthcare teams will have full access to all of Tymeshift’s features, including scheduling tools, real-time insights, Slack integration, and many more tools.

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Founded in 2017, Tymeshift is modern workforce management that empowers agents to succeed. With a quick setup, omnichannel tracking, real-time insights, scheduling, and an intuitive interface, Tymeshift helps customer support teams transparently manage their workforce to make agents more efficient and managers more engaged. Tymeshift has offices in the United States, Serbia, and Portugal.