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Turbonomic Delivers a New, AI-Driven Approach to Managing Performance on VMware Horizon VDI and VMware vSAN Environments

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Turbonomic, the leader in Application Resource Management (ARM), today announced new capabilities that deliver an AI-driven approach to managing VMware Horizon VDI and VMware vSAN environments. The platform’s unique and automated performance actions continually assure the best end-user experience.

New platform enhancements enable customers to take fully-automated actions that deliver:

  • For VMware Horizon VDI environments, unprecedented performance, scale, and density to continuously provide Virtual User Desktops with their required resources. (Read more detail in this related blog post.)
  • For VMware HCI and vSAN environments, the ability to profile application resource demand to optimize vSAN performance. (Read more detail in this blog post.)

Turbonomic is demonstrating these new capabilities at VMworld 2019 in San Francisco, August 25-29 (booth #1839). Additionally, for a detailed view of the new capabilities as well as an insider view on making the most of the VMworld 2019 experience, join the Turbonomic “VMworld 2019 Predictions” webinar today, Wednesday, August 21 at 11:00 AM ET (click here to register).

Enhanced VDI Performance

According to the Gartner Hype Cycle for IT Performance Analysis, 2019: “If application response time is affected, end users are apt to complain loudly and quickly. Issues can range from network latency, slow connection, server-side resource overload, application issues or a single user locking out an application for others.1” As a result, IT operations teams require a strategy for preventative and effective management of VDI.

The traditional approach of “static” VDI resource allocation, based on pre-determined attributes (such as user location, job function, or entitlements), leads to overprovisioning, poor virtual desktop performance, and a frustrating end-user experience. With Turbonomic’s AI-powered approach, customers can continuously assure their Horizon virtual desktop performance based on application demand and learned patterns of resource consumption. In doing so, customers can simultaneously:

  • Improve VDI response time by as much as 40 percent;
  • Reduce VDI administration complexity;
  • Increase VDI density up to 30 percent; and
  • Significantly accelerate VDI growth planning and scaling – from hours to only minutes.

A top money center bank and large VMware Horizon customer found 40 percent end-user response time improvements and eliminated boot-storms entirely using Turbonomic. Moreover, this customer drove 30 percent density improvements, earning their place as one of the most cost-effective VDI architectures.

“For knowledge workers who rely on VDI, these enhancements will dramatically improve their overall experience,” said Tom Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer at Turbonomic. “Through Application Resource Management, Turbonomic is helping VMware VDI customers minimize the volatility inherent with shared VDI infrastructure and dynamic user demand to assure the best user experience.”

Intelligent HCI Scaling

As VMware HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) and vSAN (virtual SAN) continues gaining adoption, there is escalating demand for an AI-driven approach to optimizing these resources. Effectively scaling VMware HCI environments on demand requires a complete understanding of the application’s requirements and the full stack of resources (virtual, physical, and cloud infrastructure) that support the application.

With its latest platform enhancements, Turbonomic now enables customers to automatically optimize workloads and infrastructure including VMware vSAN as HCI storage leveraging feature-awareness for deduplication, compression and resiliency. Customers can automate both real-time scaling and future resourcing requirements for vSAN and VMware HCI environments and assure application performance without overprovisioning to ensure they get the most out of their VMware investment.

One of the largest VMware vSAN customers received 30 percent performance improvement and 30 percent density increase by deploying the new Turbonomic capabilities, achieving unprecedented levels of visibility and control over the company’s hyperconverged storage environment.

Over 2,000 Turbonomic customers, who rely on VMware, achieve better performance and greater value across their hybrid, containerized, on-premises, and public cloud platforms.

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1 Gartner, “Hype Cycle for IT Performance Analysis, 2019”, July 2019, ID G00369498