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TRUSTID, a Neustar Company, Wins 2019 PACE Technovation Award

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, a Neustar
company, has won the 2019 PACE Technovation award for its flagship
AUTHENTICATOR V4.2 product. The Professional Association for Customer
Engagement (PACE), which recognizes innovation in products and services
within the industry, presented the award
at its Annual Convention and Expo in San Antonio, Texas, March 31-April
3. PACE is the only nonprofit trade association dedicated exclusively to
the advancement of companies that engage with customers via the contact

TRUSTID AUTHENTICATOR uses a telephone network forensic approach to
inspect calls from within the global telephone network which yields an
unmatched level of authentication accuracy that ensures phone calls to a
call center are not spoofed, virtualized or manipulated. AUTHENTICATOR
enables businesses such as banks, credit unions, brokerages and
insurance companies to automatically and accurately identify trusted
callers before their calls are answered, allowing these callers to be
fast tracked for better, faster service and significantly reducing the
need for customer identity interrogation.

“We’re delighted that PACE has recognized how important it is for call
centers to reduce their reliance on knowledge-based authentication while
creating a positive customer experience,” said Patrick Cox, vice
president of Neustar and general manager of TRUSTID. “Knowledge-based
authentication is becoming increasingly ineffective as fraudsters use
stolen data and social media to gain access to the information needed to
correctly answer questions used in identity interrogation.”

By eliminating or reducing identity interrogation, AUTHENTICATOR aims to
reduce agent call times and costs by 20 percent, increase interactive
voice response containment by 10 percent, enhance the customer
experience by eliminating frustrating interrogation questions, and allow
companies to focus their fraud-detection resources on true threats.
AUTHENTICATOR V4.2 also enables contact centers to implement
sophisticated risk-based authentication strategies for the small
proportion of calls that are not authenticated by the service.

For more information about AUTHENTICATOR, visit

Acquired by Neustar in January 2019, TRUSTID is a leading provider of
caller authentication, identity and risk solutions. TRUSTID works with
financial institutions and other enterprises to authenticate callers
using a caller’s phone as an ownership-based authentication token that
puts trusted callers into the fast lane, before their calls are even
answered, while assessing the risk of others. TRUSTID’s inbound caller
engagement solutions, along with Neustar’s market-leading outbound
phone-centric risk solutions, help clients reduce contact center
operating costs, improve the customer experience and increase the
efficiency of fraud-fighting efforts.

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