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TripActions Leads the Business Travel Industry Through its NDC Certification

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TripActions, the fastest-growing business travel platform trusted by the
world’s most innovative companies, announced the launch of its
fully-scalable, end-to-end flight shopping and booking experience as one
of the first to deliver on the International Air Transport Association’s
(IATA) New Distribution Capability (NDC) industry standard. Launching
first with United Airlines, and adding other carriers in the upcoming
months, TripActions’ NDC-enabled platform is expected to be one of the
most comprehensive, transparent shopping experiences available in the

Business travelers will receive unprecedented levels of visibility into
United’s cabin fares, bundles and ancillary product offerings, including
premium seating, checked baggage, club access, and more. These new
capabilities will enable corporate travel managers to customize the
United content that their employees receive, leveraging United’s new
Dynamic Bundled Fares, which simplifies the shopping and booking process
by combining a base fare with a curated selection of ancillary products
and services into a single offer. In addition, TripActions’
industry-leading AI and machine learning capabilities will further
personalize the display and content based on individual preferences and
booking history. Coupled with TripActions’ global 24×7 live human
support, the new offering will deliver a best-in-class travel experience
to delight road warriors.

Organizations of every size, industry, and geography will benefit from
increased traveler satisfaction and travel program adoption, as well as
the resulting reduction in out-of-system expensing and improved spend
visibility and control. The enhancements will further empower
organizations to seize travel as a strategic lever for growth.

“TripActions is dedicated to working with a variety of channels to
maximize choice and provide the best experience in business travel,”
said Daniel Finkel, vice president of booking experience and supplier
strategy at TripActions.
“Our announcement with United Airlines
delivers on our mission to power the in-person connections that move
people, ideas, and businesses forward while demonstrating our commitment
to collaborate with our airline partners to reflect the ongoing, massive
investments they’ve made in their offerings, from new seat products to
branded fares to entirely new cabin classes, such as premium economy.”

“Our goal at United is to provide the easiest and best experience for
customers from the moment they book a flight to the moment they arrive
at their final destination,” said Glenn Hollister, vice president of
sales strategy and effectiveness at United. “We’re committed to
making the booking and shopping experience the best it can be on a
variety of channels, and in working with TripActions to offer NDC, we’re
able to provide a more seamless experience for our customers.”

“Through the NDC standard, IATA collaborates with the entire value chain
to advance the journey towards true airline retailing including product
differentiation, rapid time-to-market, and full rich air content,” said Yanik
Hoyles, industry distribution programs director, IATA
“Organizations such as TripActions, which have recently achieved NDC
level 3 certification as a seller, are facilitating that journey by
using the NDC standard to support transparency and a comprehensive
shopping experience alongside increased travel program satisfaction,
adoption, and spend control for organizations.”

The TripActions-United partnership will display content enabled by
IATA’s NDC industry standard. NDC aims to facilitate a more transparent
relationship from airline to traveler by offering a richer, deeper
breadth of content. The partnership launches with certain United flights
available within TripActions’ search results and any associated booking
fulfilled and serviced through this NDC connection. TripActions is
currently piloting its industry-leading NDC experience with a small
group of customers with plans to roll it out to all customers in the
coming weeks.

Benefits to the traveler include:

  • New travel bundles such as United Club access, Wi-Fi, premium seating,
    and a United flight would be available as part of a single fare.
  • Upgrades to Economy Plus for business travelers without a separate
  • Standalone ancillary purchase opportunities, such as checked baggage,
    premium seating, and more.
  • Seamless traveler servicing with access to United’s waivers in
    TripActions channels.

Benefits to the organization include:

  • Higher adoption rates of the business travel program by travelers.
  • Increased employee satisfaction with the business travel program.
  • Increased visibility into business travel spend and savings.

TripActions’ NDC certification complements the company’s February
2019 launch of a radically new booking experience
developed in
collaboration with United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Air
Lines, and inspired by the newly unveiled Next Generation Storefront
(NGS) standards under development by industry association ATPCO. From
one simple and intuitive platform, travelers can now easily consider
company policy and an increasingly diverse suite of products offered by
airlines, including branded fares and new seat products.

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