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TransPerfect Life Sciences Contributes to Pandemic Fight by Donating Translation Services for COVID-19 Patient Survey

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TransPerfect Life Sciences, a leading provider for global development and commercialization of drugs, treatments, and devices, announced a donation of translation services in support of efforts undertaken by Veracuity LLC and Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES). The two organizations have produced an online survey for the collection and analysis of real-world data on predisposing conditions, treatment strategies, outcomes, and side effects experienced by COVID-19 patients.

To reach as many patients as possible, Veracuity and ACRES now offer the survey in multiple languages, including Italian and Spanish. Healthcare providers or hospitals interested in inviting patients to complete the survey or contributing data to the initiative can do so at Fully HIPAA compliant, the survey does not capture identifiable patient-level data. The target audience for the survey is any healthcare team or professional caring for COVID-19 patients.

Veracuity is a Pennsylvania-based biopharmaceutical safety informatics and analytics company, and ACRES is a Massachusetts-based global nonprofit collaborative that uses systems approaches to improve health science and medicines development.

The global nature of COVID-19 means that the localization of the survey will enable data collection from a broader group of patients, allowing for a better understanding of elements that include risk-factor identification, triage, treatment management, and outcome predictors to gain insight into the safety and efficacy of traditional, experimental, and off-label therapies.

According to Veracuity’s Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sreeram Penna, “We expect that the information we gather through this survey initiative will prove invaluable in the effort to better understand multiple factors around COVID-19. Reaching patient populations in five additional languages beyond English was a vital step for us to take to ensure a more diverse and representative data set from which to draw conclusions and hopefully make life-saving decisions.”

The Veracuity team is also a participant in the COVID-19 Evidence Accelerator, an initiative launched by the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA in collaboration with Friends of Cancer Research for health systems to collect, aggregate, and share insights to respond to COVID-19 treatments and questions as quickly as possible.

TransPerfect President and CEO Phil Shawe stated, “The key to winning the next phase of the battle against COVID-19 is data. Veracuity and the ACRES collaborative are generating a portion of that data by reaching patients. We’re honored to support the multilingual aspect of the project.”

About TransPerfect Life Sciences

TransPerfect Life Sciences specializes in supporting global development and commercialization of drugs, treatments, and devices designed to improve and save lives. Our comprehensive solutions include eTMF and eclinical technologies, COA services, pharmacovigilance and safety solutions, translation and language services, and call center support. With offices in over 100 cities worldwide, TransPerfect is the ideal partner to ensure that your global launch makes a global impact.


The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), a non-profit alliance working in the public interest, brings together stakeholders spanning the clinical research ecosystem to build an open, integrated global system. ACRES applies principles of systems and safety engineering, such as in transportation, communications and information technology.

About Veracuity LLC

Veracuity LLC is a biopharmaceutical safety informatics and analytics firm. Veracuity’s team consists of industry veterans who spent their careers in all aspects of clinical research and pharmacovigilance activities, covering the full scope of the current drug safety surveillance activities and processes. This deep domain knowledge combined with a keen interest in new technologies uniquely positions Veracuity to redesign the drug safety surveillance system to better serve the stakeholders’ information needs.