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TransMed Systems Rebrands as Inteliquet

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TransMed Systems, Inc., a leading provider of technology, insights and
services for clinical research and translational medicine announced
today it has rebranded the company as Inteliquet.
The name represents the concept of bringing intelligence through clarity
to dramatically improve the way clinical trials and research are
conducted for all stakeholders—most importantly, the patient. Its
solutions optimize the clinical development process and many aspects of
clinical research. Its team of experts work toward ensuring no patient
goes without access to a clinical trial and that promising new therapies
get to market as quickly as possible.

“The way we prove new medical discoveries—the next breakthrough drug or
treatment—is through clinical trials,” said Carla Balch, CEO of
Inteliquet. “But nearly half of trials do not meet recruitment goals in
part because not enough patients know about them or participate in them.
Every day that patients are not offered access to appropriate clinical
trials is a missed opportunity to advance science and improve health
outcomes, especially for critical diseases such as cancer. We need to
change the process for everyone. The potential for new therapies demands
it. Our vision is to knock down barriers and reduce the time involved to
find the right patients for the right clinical trials.”

Inteliquet’s software platform, vast sets of patient data, and expert
services work together to create a significantly improved, automated
process to find eligible patients faster, identify patients that could
be eligible in the near future, and find the right sites for specific
trials based on available patient populations. Inteliquet also helps
life sciences and contract research organizations conduct more effective
clinical development planning, including trial feasibility, and
increases visibility of trials for clinicians. In addition, Inteliquet’s
consortium has established itself as the fastest growing oncology
data-sharing consortium with more than 520 oncologists participating.

“Inteliquet’s technology provides the clearest, most complete view of
data to improve the way clinical trials and research work for all of
us,” said Balch. “This clarity helps fast-track the connection between a
new therapy and a patient who needs it. Getting these therapies to
patients faster benefits everyone. We are working toward the day when
all stakeholders have a single source of truth and everyone has access
to therapies that extend or save lives the moment they need them.”

The relaunch of the company as Inteliquet follows a period of rapid
growth, including Balch taking on the role of CEO in 2018 and an
expanded leadership team with significant industry expertise. Balch
previously served as President of NantCare, an oncology clinical trial
and technology company. As president and CEO of Altos Solutions, she led
its sale to Flatiron Health, a Google-Ventures backed organization
recently acquired by Roche for $2 billion. In November, the company also
named Jeff Edenfield, MD, as its first Chief Medical Officer. Dr.
Edenfield is a treating oncologist and Clinical Associate Professor at
University of South Carolina’s School of Medicine.

About Inteliquet

Inteliquet is a leading provider of intelligent technology, insights and
expertise that help dramatically to reduce the barriers and time
involved in designing and conducting clinical trials and research, from
feasibility and site selection to patient screening and matching. We
harness vast sets of oncology and patient data to bring a new level of
clarity to the process and to accelerate new scientific discoveries. Our
team, partners, customers, and Scientific Advisory Board are passionate
about ensuring that every patient—regardless of race, geography, age,
sex, economic status, or stage of disease—has access to promising
therapies as soon as they become available to help improve the care
they, and future generations, receive. Find out more at,
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