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TransformativeMed Renews Core Workflow Suite Agreement with VCU Heath and Announces a Strategic Product Development Partnership

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TransformativeMed a leader in optimizing the EHR so clinicians can deliver the best patient care more efficiently, today announced that VCU Health has renewed its long-standing Core Workflow Suite contract and will become a strategic development partner to fast-track mobile notifications and messaging into these EHR workflows. The Core Workflow Suite of EHR-embedded apps provide specialty and disease-specific UI design and workflows that extend EHR functionality, optimize care team communication and integrate complete mobility, transforming how the EHR is used. Last month MedStar Health signed a similar strategic partner agreement.

Countless research studies have identified poor EHR usability as a key contributor to physician burnout. VCU is addressing this issue with the Core Workflow Suite to further eradicate clinical EHR friction and it will test and refine the Core Notify and Core Messaging Apps, which extend the clinical workflow beyond the desktop by incorporating access via smartphone. These EHR-embedded mobile apps enable clinicians to set, control and receive critical alerts, notifications, and messages, ensuring that clinicians have the EHR data they need, when they need it, within their workflow, from desktop-to-mobile.

Transformativemed CEO Doug Cusick stated, “We are thrilled to have partners like VCU who embrace the critical and urgent need to optimize the EHR for clinicians, so they can get back to practicing medicine and ensuring safe, high quality and cost-effective care for patients.” Cusick added, “Too often, software solutions singularly focus on bottom-line attributes like efficiency and cost, and although these are important, our view is that when you provide clinicians with solutions that replace friction with freedom and flexibility, you change the working dynamic from frustration to joy—and we believe this is the key to ensuring bottom-line success.”

About TransformativeMed

TransformativeMed brings the joy back to patient care by optimizing the EHR with workflow-integrated apps and specialty-specific UI design that extends EHR functionality to fit modern and dynamic clinical processes. The Core Workflow Suite transforms how clinicians use the EHR. Out-of-the-box, clinical and disease-specific workflow apps embed directly into the EHR to curate and present patient information in the unique way each specialty requires. With minimal IT lift or training, clinical workflows are streamlined, team communication and collaboration are improved, and clinicians no longer waste time mining the EHR for critical patient information. The mobile-enhanced apps integrate workflows with smartphones so clinicians can enter and receive machine learning-vetted alerts, notifications, and messages while they work. Tens of thousands of clinicians across more than 130 hospitals are using the Core Workflow Suite to enhance EHR value, including Dignity Health, Baptist Health, MedStar and others. TransformativeMed was founded in 2011 and is privately held. Learn more at