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TrackVia Applauds PMI’s New Citizen Development Program

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TrackVia, the fastest low-code app-building solution for citizen developers and IT professionals, announced today its endorsement of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Citizen Developer Partner Program. The first of its kind, PMI’s Citizen Developer Partner Program provides formalized structure, education and certification to both people and companies who want to leverage low-code technology to accelerate and scale software development.

“PMI has long been a leader in project management and providing frameworks for business development,” says Ed Daihl, “This announcement of a Citizen Development program validates what we have learned from our customers, that following a systematic and documented approach to citizen development implementation will garner your organization the most significant success.”

TrackVia has been at the forefront of the Citizen Development movement, helping develop one of the first low-code platforms purpose-built to let non-developers configure modern business apps visually without coding. TrackVia is used by more than 300 enterprises around the world to track critical data and work faster and better. PMIs Citizen Development program provides a powerful framework to fully leverage solutions like TrackVia.

“I am thrilled that PMI is assuming an active leadership role in Citizen Development,” says Matt Hubbard, Operational Excellence Manager at TrackVia, “PMI has a reputation for excellence, and I believe that through the guidance of their standards and framework, Citizen Development is going to experience a significant and rapid advancement.” Learn more about Matt’s perspective here.


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