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TOYO Corporation Introduces the First Portable Packet Capture Appliance Supporting 200G Networks

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TOYO Corporation, the leading test and measurement company, today
announces the world’s first 200Gbps portable packet capture appliance.
Ideally suited for field environments, this new SYNESIS provides field
personnel and lab engineers with a powerful solution to help quickly
identify and resolve issues with today’s fastest networks. The appliance
includes TOYO’s patented technology which offers the unmatched
capability to capture 100% of all packets without any data loss.

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SYNESIS 200Gbps portable packet capture appliance (Graphic: Business Wire)

SYNESIS 200Gbps portable packet capture appliance (Graphic: Business Wire)

During the month of June, TOYO Corporation will be demonstrating the
SYNESIS Portable 200Gbps model at Interop Tokyo 2019, on June 12-14 in
Chiba, Japan and Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019, on June 26-28 in
Shanghai, China.

The growth in the number of connected devices, the advancement of AI
technology and the emergence of the 5G mobile standard are compelling
network service providers to update their infrastructure to the 100Gbps
and 200Gbps standards in order to support the exponential demand for
network bandwidth from these technologies. Networking technology
continues to advance at a faster pace than the tools needed to support
it and SYNESIS plays a critical role in supporting its adoption.

The SYNESIS Portable is a packet capture appliance which continuously
captures data traffic up to 200Gbps. The appliance is powered by a
patented technology titled “Data recording apparatus and method” which
enables SYNESIS to perform captures even at 200Gbps full line rate
without incurring any packet loss.

With this key capability, SYNESIS helps service providers identify and
resolve network issues quickly and accurately. As a result, service
providers can better manage their networks, ensure higher quality
connections and eliminate the risk of network downtime and avoid
catastrophe from financial and reputation damage.

The portable form factor allows for rapid deployment in the field.
Service providers thus do not need to purchase several packet capture
appliances for each data center, providing these customers with IT
agility and cost-saving economics.

SYNESIS Portable 200Gbps model Key Advantages

The SYNESIS Portable 200Gbps model is a high-performance portable packet
capture appliance which can capture up to 200Gbps. Other key advantages

  • Capture without loss: Capture and directly stream 200Gbps
    traffic to storage without incurring any packet loss
  • High-speed extraction: Reduce the time required to extract
    packets by saving indexing information
  • Portable: Perform network packet captures onsite

SYNESIS Portable 200Gbps at Expos

The 200G SYNESIS appliance is currently available for quoting with first
customer shipments expected on October 2019. Early access is available
for some select customers. Please contact TOYO or any of our sales
partners to be placed on the list (

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About TOYO Corporation

TOYO Corporation (TOKYO: 8151) is a Japanese technology company
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