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Toluna Patents Algorithm to Significantly Improve Panel Completion Rates

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Toluna, an ITWP company and leading consumer intelligence platform provider that delivers insights on demand, today announced that its new router algorithm-based system featuring dynamic profiling capabilities was accepted by the U.S. Patent Office.

Currently in the industry, respondents are screened from 4 of every 5 surveys causing frustration for both panel members and researchers. The new routing technology by Toluna improves the user experience by putting the right survey in front of the right panel member, so more surveys are successfully completed.

“It’s an honor to have this patent accepted by the U.S. Patent Office,” said Frank Smadja, executive vice president of research & development and technology for Toluna. “Engineers seek ways to increase efficiencies and user experience. Survey routing algorithms are usually based on random processes. Dynamically pre-screening survey respondents allows us to achieve better completion rates and improve the survey experience for our users.”

The new routing algorithm pre-qualifies respondents on demographic questions including country, language preference, age, income and education to name a few. Those replies are cross-referenced with routable questions covering multiple domains which could include number of cars, salary earned or employment status and position. For routable questions, answers are deemed ‘valid,’ qualifying the respondent for the survey; ‘invalid,’ making the respondent ineligible; or not answered. The respondent needs a valid answer before being included in a survey.

The acceptance of the patent is another example of Toluna leadership in the supply and panel space. Earlier this year, Toluna created a new role focused on profile and data capture.

New Head of Global Audience Segmentation

Part of the job of a successful panel professional is to help steer panelists toward projects that are best suited to their skills, experience and passions. Cindy Lemos does this as the Toluna Head of Global Audience Segmentation.

Her responsibilities include the enrichment of profiling information, which is a mix of declarative data or answers to profiling questionnaires; digitally-tracked, opt-in behavioral data and appended information from third party databases. Toluna continues to refine and grow its abilities to target audiences with the new routing algorithm, Cindy’s expertise and a panel 30 million members strong.

Prior to Toluna, Cindy developed and honed her panel operations expertise with years of professional experience at Microsoft, Offerwise and Global Market Insites (GMI, now Lightspeed Research).

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