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Thyssenkrupp Materials France Streamlines Its Transport Operations Thanks to Shippeo, the Real-time Supply Chain Visibility Platform

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Thyssenkrupp Materials France has chosen Shippeo to streamline its transport operations. In addition to enabling operational excellence and cost reduction, tkMF will also gain a competitive advantage over its competitors by offering additional services to its customers.

Thanks to Shippeo, tkMF will track deliveries in real time allowing for more effective management of their distribution network. tkMF is a global player that is a stockist, distributor, processor and supplier of supply chain management solutions.

The real-time and predictive information on the delivery of goods will now allow the Transport and Logistics Control Tower to improve the tkMF’s daily operations. This should enable a significant reduction in the company’s transport costs, which represent the second largest budget item, and will provide valuable information to support sales administration. Shippeo enables more seamless collaboration between tkMF and its logistics providers, by reducing the number of time-consuming tasks. The steelmaker’s customers will have the option to follow the location of their products “in transit”, access details of their receipt on site and will be notified in advance of their arrival time and any possible delays.

We are very pleased to support tkMF in its transport operations. With 40,000 tonnes of special steels to be delivered to its 4,000 customer sites each year, tkMF faces specific logistical challenges such as transporting heavy and bulky loads. With Shippeo, tkMF will be able to manage its entire downstream Supply Chain, from transport service providers to customers.” says Lucien Besse, co-founder and CEO of Shippeo.

From the very first phase of the project, we were able to build a relationship of great trust with the Shippeo teams, which reaffirms our choice of provider. We aim to improve our customer satisfaction and service rate, and to reduce our distribution costs. Ultimately, we are aiming for a ROI as soon as the end of its first year of deployment. In addition, the current period of uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic requires great agility based on monitoring our flows and our customers’ capacities to receive. The Shippeo platform acts as the shared tool between carriers, production and trade in order to best manage such crisis periods” says Olivier Coural, Director of Operations and Supply Chain at tkMF.

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