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Through Partnership with Web Integrated Network, Dairyland Trading Co. Sees 27% Increase in 2020

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Leading logistics technology platform, Web Integrated Network (WIN), is successfully supporting Dairyland Trading CO., LLC, a supplier working with leading cheese manufacturers across U.S. retail and wholesale marketplaces, as it navigates the hurdles that have impacted the shipping and logistics industry over the past year. Dairyland Trading reported a 27% increase in 2020 revenue and attributes the ability to retain its current employee base to the technology provided by WIN.

The COVID-19 pandemic increased demand in shipping as the need for at-home delivery had never been higher. By leveraging WIN’s cutting-edge software, the company was able to keep up with demand in shipping orders throughout the U.S. during a time when many shippers were facing fulfillment and processing shortages. The software from WIN creates improved efficiencies by managing all shipping transactions in one place, therefore eliminating admin paperwork and enabling talent to focus on more impactful activity, while also providing competitive rates.

“When lockdown started we saw a shift from shipping to clients in the restaurant space to shipping to grocery stores, nationwide,” said Jerry Haines, Owner and Manager at Dairyland Trading Co., LLC. “At the same time we were seeing this demand, we were also facing last-minute changes for deliveries and internal employees needing to work from home. Using the WIN software allowed us to work through both of those challenges while continuing to fulfill orders resulting in 27% year over year growth.”

The WIN platform enables manufacturers and distributors to participate in the transportation marketplace between shippers and carriers digitally by providing technology to execute and monitor shipments. The shipper-centric platform increases visibility within the shipping and logistics industry, saving time while increasing cost savings.

“We have been working with Dairyland Trading Co. since its inception in 2019 and are pleased that the platform and the work we’ve done as partners has supported in identifying the best cost-saving and efficiency opportunities for the company,” said Lindsey Shellman, Chief Commercial Officer, WIN. “Last year the shipping and logistics industry was put to the test and it is rewarding to see clients like Jerry able to adjust their processes, like working from home, by using our cloud-based technology.”

Dairyland Trading is on track to surpass demand from last year and is continuing to manage the increase in demand by leveraging WIN and additional elements of the platform.

About Web Integrated Network (WIN)

Founded in 2012, WIN is a cost-effective, cloud-based transportation management solution that puts shippers in total control of North American shipping operations. WIN saves shippers time by streamlining a complicated process on a single, completely neutral platform, while expanding carrier networks and transportation options. Leveraging the teams’ 30+ years of complex logistics expertise, WIN helps to plan the optimal path via any transportation mode with the ability to select carriers and brokers through WIN’s networks. The result is productivity improvements, real time metrics and financial savings. For more information on WIN, visit

About Dairyland Trading Co., LLC

Founded in 2019, Dairyland Trading Co is committed to quality products, exceptional services and incomparable customer care. Dairyland Trading Co. works with leading cheese manufacturers at many facilities in retail and wholesale marketplaces, throughout the US and beyond helping to give a competitive edge by negotiating the best market prices while supporting customers’ production and inventory.