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Thrive Global and P&G Announce Groundbreaking Partnership Bringing Behavior Change to Consumers Through Microstep Habit-Stacking

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Thrive Global, the behavior change technology company founded by Arianna
Huffington, and The Procter & Gamble Company today announced a
groundbreaking new partnership that blends cognitive and behavioral
science with the daily habits associated with P&G’s products to improve
consumer health and well-being through “Microstep habit-stacking.”

The partnership, unveiled today at the Cannes Lions International
Festival of Creativity, aligns Thrive Global’s behavior change
Microsteps – small, science-based daily habits to reduce stress, improve
health and increase performance – across P&G’s portfolio of brands and
products to reimagine the role of consumer products and marketing to
improve well-being.

Thrive Global’s Behavior Change Brand Studio collaborated with six P&G
brands – Crest, Oral-B, Pampers, Venus, Secret and Pantene – to launch
the partnership. Each brand campaign encourages consumers to use daily
routines associated with P&G’s products to habit-stack Thrive
Microsteps, a neuroscientifically backed way to add a new habit to an
individual’s life by attaching it to an existing habit moment. Microstep
habit-stacking examples include developing a daily gratitude practice
while brushing your teeth (Crest), identifying your top priority for the
day while applying deodorant (Secret) and singing your baby a song while
you change his or her diaper (Pampers) – all science-backed ways to
reduce stress, improve well-being and increase performance.

Thrive Global partnered with Oral-B to introduce Oral-B Sense, a
Wi-Fi-enabled smart toothbrushing system that provides consumers
real-time feedback on their brushing habits. Thrive Global behavior
change content and Microsteps will be embedded in Oral-B Sense’s
feedback loop, giving consumers reminders to add habits like a gratitude
practice to their morning and evening toothbrush routine. Oral-B Sense
will launch in the fall of 2019.

“I’m thrilled to unveil our partnership with P&G – the world’s most
iconic and largest advertiser – to leverage the daily habit moments
associated with P&G products to improve consumers’ lives,” said Arianna
Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global. “At Thrive, our mission is
to end the stress and burnout epidemic and help people unlock their full
potential. The only way to truly make this happen is by helping people
build healthier habits. Great brands are habits for their consumers –
and P&G’s brands are daily habits for up to five billion consumers
around the world. At a time of unprecedented stress and burnout and a
mental health epidemic, we all need to be looking for innovative ways to
help people begin practicing healthier habits. Neuroscience tells us
that habit-stacking is the fastest way to build a new habit so that it
becomes sustainable. And the daily habits consumers already have –
brushing their teeth, washing their hair, changing diapers – give us the
opportunity to introduce new habits that don’t require any additional
time and make an immediate impact on stress and overall well-being to
improve health and happiness and create a world where everyone,
everywhere can truly thrive.”

“Our brands already offer superior product performance, and together
with Thrive we can elevate the consumer experience even more by
embedding daily habits that improve consumers’ lives,” said Marc
Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of P&G. “This is another way we’re
reinventing the positive impact that brands can have.”

“Microstep habit-stacking offers brands a new way to add value to
consumers’ lives, and there’s no better partner for this than P&G,” said
Danny Shea, Chief Brand Officer of Thrive Global. “At Thrive, our
mission is to bring behavior change to hundreds of millions of people
around the world. Through its brands and products, P&G owns everyday
habit moments for billions of global consumers. These habits – brushing
your teeth, washing your hair, washing the dishes – are so ingrained in
us that they have become almost mindless. By attaching Thrive’s
Microsteps to these habits, we can transform these daily moments from
mundane to meaningful, helping people build new routines to form
sustainable habits and improve their physical and emotional well-being.”

“At Oral-B, we’re committed to helping consumers develop better oral
health through interactivity, and partnering with Thrive allows us to
extend the health benefits of our product into overall well-being” said
Patrick Schwing, Oral-B Global Brand Director. “Dentists recommend
brushing for two minutes, twice a day. And while 70 percent of consumers
believe they brush properly, only 20 percent actually do. Oral-B Sense
is a new brushing system with our first-ever Wi-Fi-enabled base and
built-in quad timer that provides real-time feedback on your brushing
with a fitness tracker-like functionality. With this technology and
data, Oral-B Sense empowers consumers with personalized information to
build healthy habits and improve their oral health over time. And by
partnering with Thrive Global, we can help them habit-stack new healthy
habits during the time they’re already brushing. It’s a win-win –
helping people brush smarter and add other healthy habits to their
morning and evening routines.”

About Thrive Global Founded and led by Arianna Huffington, Thrive
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