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ThreatConnect’s New Features Make Creating Security Playbooks Easier for All Users

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ThreatConnect Inc.®, provider of the industry’s only intelligence-driven
security operations platform announces new features and functionality
that heighten the user experience. ThreatConnect’s new enhancements
showcase the Platform’s increased user flexibility for creating
Playbooks as well as expanded options for in-Platform application (App)

Andy Pendergast, ThreatConnect VP of Product said, “We’re proud of all
of the features and functionality in this current release, but we are
especially excited the App Builder – which allows our users to build and
test their own Python based playbook apps in platform. This feature and
our Playbooks version control really help our users take automation and
orchestration to another level, whether they are creating Playbooks for
their threat intel team or SecOps and IR. Another highly requested
feature, that our own team has really had fun developing and using
internally is our new Dark Mode. For those customers working on shifts,
I’m sure this will be a welcome feature.”

Dark Mode

Unlike most other Security Platforms, ThreatConnect gives users a choice
on how they want to experience the Platform. Depending on preference and
work environment, users can toggle between Light and Dark color
palettes. ThreatConnect Dark Mode provides security professionals with a
user experience that they are oftentimes more familiar with, especially
when working in a security operations center.

Application (App) Builder

The ThreatConnect App Builder is a unique feature that allows
developer-minded users increased control in an environment that they’re
used to working in. Additionally, with a built-in debugger, a user can
code, debug, and release without setting up a separate environment. This
feature instills a sense of confidence that the final product is
flawless and production-ready. Plus, ThreatConnect has incorporated a
semantic versioning scheme into its App Builder to help ensure that
every bit of released app code is properly versioned and tracked. The
ThreatConnect App Builder provides a more technical approach to App
Development for users who want to ‘get their hands dirty’ without
leaving the Platform.

Version Control

Because typical Playbooks go through dozens of versions, now users can
manage them effectively. With version control users can continuously
improve their Playbooks while not losing site of past iterations over
time. Every time a Playbook is set to Active, a new minor version is
autosaved, and users can manually track and comment on major versions.
With version control, users can split off and comment on major versions
of Playbooks, or merge them into an existing Playbook as a new versions.

Said Pendergast, “With our ease-of-use updates, we’re continuing to
enhance the user experience when it comes to the development, design,
and management of Playbooks and Apps within the Platform. Because our
Platform can be used by so many different roles in the security team –
as a TIP or a holistic Intelligence-Driven SOAR – it’s crucial that they
all find us easily adaptable and usable.”

About ThreatConnect:

ThreatConnect, Inc. provides a proactive and efficient approach to
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