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Threat Stack Announces New Comprehensive Partner Program; Partnership with Optiv

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Threat Stack, the leader in cloud security and compliance, today announced its new comprehensive partner program that will cover all aspects of the partner ecosystem including value-added resellers (VAR), managed security service providers (MSSP), and managed service providers (MSP). By extending its reach into the partner ecosystem, Threat Stack is continuing its rapid growth trajectory and entering new markets through its partners’ extensive footprint.

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® extends security observability across the cloud management console, host, containers, and application layers to help customers understand the full picture of their cloud environment, quickly respond to incidents and proactively reduce risk. With Threat Stack’s flexible data consumption model, Threat Stack can provide MSSP and MSP partners with access to the industry’s leading security telemetry directly within existing security workflows and tools like SIEMs.

Threat Stack VAR partners will be able to provide customers with the industry’s only platform that combines security telemetry from across the entire cloud ecosystem in a single, unified solution. By providing a solution that gives customers the ability to proactively mitigate cloud risk, Threat Stack partners can help streamline digital transformation initiatives by ensuring their customers can maintain the same level of visibility security teams have become accustomed to in the cloud.

“Threat Stack has a long history of building strong technology partnerships and we’re excited to bring that same spirit of collaboration to resellers and managed service providers,” said Brian Ahern, CEO, Threat Stack. “We are looking forward to working with partners like Optiv, Levvel, and VLCM to help organizations securely achieve the business benefits of the cloud.”

About Threat Stack

Threat Stack is the leader in cloud security and compliance for infrastructure and applications, helping global enterprises securely leverage the business benefits of the cloud with proactive risk identification and real-time threat detection across cloud workloads. The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® delivers full stack security observability across the cloud management console, host, container, orchestration, managed containers, and serverless layers. Threat Stack provides the flexibility to consume telemetry within existing security workflows — or manages it with you through the Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program so you can respond to security incidents and improve your organization’s cloud security posture over time.

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