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ThinkWhy® Expands Access to LaborIQ™ Platform to Support Businesses During COVID-19 Economic Recovery

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ThinkWhy, a SaaS company helping businesses navigate a new era of work, today launched ThinkWhy Together2020, a new initiative that expands access to the company’s LaborIQ platform. Created by businesspeople, for businesspeople, ThinkWhy Together2020 gives companies full access to labor market analysis and salary answers they need as the economy stabilizes and recovery begins.

Given the historic economic challenges in recent weeks, ThinkWhy Together2020 eliminates barriers and ensures organizations have access to essential labor market data to inform strategic planning. ThinkWhy launched LaborIQ in February 2020 to bridge the gap between labor market analysis and salary answers.

“ThinkWhy is pleased to make our technology easily accessible to help organizations get back to business and focus on the path forward,” said Claudine Zachara, President, Co-Founder and COO of ThinkWhy. “At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies were forced to make tough decisions and quickly change their operational strategies. ThinkWhy is proud to expand access to our LaborIQ platform to provide businesses with actionable labor market data and analysis for immediate answers and longer-term planning.”

A new COVID-19 feature on the LaborIQ platform addresses the impact of current events in each industry, major metro, employment conditions and forecasts for recovery, providing essential answers for where and how businesses and industries will begin to operate.

With ThinkWhy Together2020, users gain full access to LaborIQ, including:

  • COVID-19 conditions and recovery
  • U.S. labor market performance and forecasts
  • Salary answers for more than 17,000 modern job titles
  • Benchmarking individual and team compensation rates

Coinciding with the launch of ThinkWhy Together2020, the company will host a webinar today at 2:00pm ET / 1:00pm CT which will focus on near-term impact and recovery for the economy, as well as longer-term implications for the labor market. The webinar will feature market and industry performance and employment projections amid COVID-19, as well as the markets, industries and occupations most impacted. Register to attend here.

LaborIQ is currently available for all organizations operating in the U.S. To learn more about the ThinkWhy Together2020 initiative and to sign-up for access, visit

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