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Think Global Forum NYC

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The Think Global Forum is set to return to the United States on May 20,
2019.  The event takes place in New York City and will be hosted at the
Irish Consulate on Park Avenue, with special guest, Daniel
, Ambassador of Ireland to the United States.

The Think Global Forum NYC is co-sponsored by Enterprise Ireland –
represented by Hannah Webb, SVP, and hosted by Vistatec
– represented by Unn Villius, Chief Sales Officer, Jill Goldsberry,
Director of Sales and Priscillia Charles, Communications Director, Think
Global Forum.

The Think Global Forum is particularly delighted that Daniel Mulhall,
Ambassador of Ireland to the United States of America will deliver the
opening address for what is expected to be a unique opportunity to share
and discuss ideas about the future of our industry.

“I’m very excited to host this event together with our partners in Enterprise
, and particularly honored that Ambassador Mulhall will open
the Think Global Forum in addition to joining us for dinner. I love New
York, and the location of the consulate is the perfect spot to take in
the city as an additional perk,” said Unn Villius.

Speakers at the Think Global Forum NYC event include: 

•      Daniel Mulhall, Ambassador of Ireland to the United States

•      Yuka Kurihara, Director of Globalization, Pitney Bowes

•      Jeff Marques, Sr. Program Manager, Globalization, Adobe

•      Hannah Webb, Senior Vice President, Business and Consumer
Services, Talent Management and BPO, Enterprise Ireland

The forum will cover many interesting topics, including the special
relationship between Ireland and the USA, global eCommerce, and the
importance of client-vendor relationships.  

The afternoon event will be followed by a private dinner reception with
Ambassador Mulhall and guests from a wide range of leading organizations.

“This is going to be a very special Think Global Forum in New York. We
are looking forward to welcoming forum members, speakers, and guests for
what promises to be a terrific event,” added Simon Hodgkins, Founder,
Think Global Forum.

This will be the first forum in New York City where VIP guests will be
welcomed to the Irish Consulate – located in the heart of the city, just
a few minutes from the historical Rockefeller Center. This Think Global
Forum follows hot on the heels of other events such as the Think Global
Forum London
and Los
, which took place in London on May 15, 2019, and Los Angeles
on April 15, 2019.

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