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The Garage Reaches 10 Millionth Patient on Platform

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, a dynamic healthcare technology company exclusively
providing population health management solutions to stakeholders across
the industry, has reached 10 million unique patient records in the
platform’s Data Factory, a significant milestone for the company as it
continues to grow its platform across the U.S. with risk-bearing

Combined with more than 10,000 physicians on the platform, The Garage
has repeatedly demonstrated transformational value to its customers
across the country and continues to grow as more patient lives are
managed through its platform.

“It’s no secret that interoperability across a single health system is
not an easy task, but imagine what it would be like connecting numerous
independent small and critical access hospitals and their community
independent practices in multiple rural communities across the state,”
said Connie Mack, Executive Director at Community Care Alliance from
Colorado. “Up for the challenge, The Garage has not disappointed. They
have provided a great platform surrounded by a stellar customer service

Equipped with a 360-degree approach to population health management, The
Garage has deepened its offerings in care management, referral
management, comprehensive provider score cards, advanced risk adjustment
and intelligent, actionable, role-based dashboards for its users. At its
annual FUSE event earlier this year, The Garage announced breakthrough
innovations readily available in the Bridge platform that leverage AI
and machine learning to help ACOs, IPAs and FQHCs operate as Clinically
Intelligent Networks (CINs) and achieve the Triple Aim.

“The Garage team is very knowledgeable and responsive, and we look
forward to using the platform for continued benefits to our
organization,” said Darcy L. Shepard, Chief Executive Officer at
Middletown Medical in New York.

“Our entire team is pleased with what we have seen so far,” said Anne
Kauffman Nolon, CEO of Hudson River Healthcare in New York. “We look
forward to a very successful partnership with The Garage.”

In addition to the surge in data inflexion, the platform has broadened
its understanding of different data sets such as social determinants of
health and is now capable of instantaneously processing health data from
payers for more than 80 percent of the U.S. population.

“Our evolution from being the most comprehensive population health
platform to becoming the most effective is purely defined by our
customers and the patients they serve,” said Pranam Ben, Founder and CEO
at The Garage. “Empowering their heroic missions has been the greatest
motivation for us, and we’re continuously inspired by them to improve
our platform as we touch more and more lives across the country.”

About The Garage

The Garage, based in Orlando, Fla., is more than a healthcare IT
company. Deeply rooted in the healthcare industry, the company works
with more than 25 ACOs and over 10,000 providers, empowering them with
solutions to create a more integrated, value-centered and
patient-focused care experience. Through its collaborative population
health management platform, Bridge, The Garage touches more than 10
million patient lives, allowing providers to achieve the Triple Aim of
lower cost, better care and improved health. For more information, visit