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The First ZWCAD Users Shared Their Story

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Two of ZWCAD’s first Polish users who specialize in AEC design told their story with ZWCAD.

The CAD Solution for Small Businesses

Mr. Wiesław Olesiak and Mr. Janusz Drożak run their own companies that undertake comprehensive design projects and started working together in the late 1990s. As their businesses started to thrive, they realized that a powerful yet affordable CAD solution is a must for continuous growth.

Since the first time they tried ZWCAD in 2006, they have accomplished hundreds of projects with it.

Projects Accomplished with ZWCAD

One of the first projects they completed using ZWCAD was a hospital emergency ward. Although there were always new demands, they had no trouble editing and plotting the architectural drawings with ZWCAD.

Their first flagship design was the car saloons invested by the Volkswagen® Group. Based on the investor’s conceptual designs and amendment requests, they worked on the project for about 9 years. During that period, numerous large DWG files flooded to them. Fortunately, ZWCAD was compatible, stable and fast enough to help their efforts bear fruit.

They had a tight work schedule and time is money. With the intuitive UI and handy functions of ZWCAD, their learning curve and time-to-market were greatly shortened.

The High-touch Services

No one would stick to a solution that comes with awful technical support. Since their offices are only a 5-minute walk from that of SZANSA, the Polish ZWSOFT partner, Mr. Olesiak and Mr. Drożak can always have their issues solved straightaway. Also, regular meetings are held to inform them of the first-hand information about ZWCAD.

Both high tech and high-touch services offered by ZWSOFT help them maintain a competitive edge. Therefore, they’ll keep using ZWCAD to work on complex projects from the concept stage.

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