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Textio Flow: The Beginning of the End of Writer’s Block

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today announced the release of Textio
, a breakthrough step forward for augmented writing technology.
With Textio Flow, your rough ideas are instantly transformed into
powerful language with a single keystroke. Building on the words that
you type, Textio’s data-fueled predictive engine generates highly
effective writing that sounds like you. No more tortured minutes staring
at a blank page, struggling to find the perfect turn of phrase—just jot
down your thoughts, press the Tab key, and watch the words flow.

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Screenshot of Textio Flow - writing software which takes your rough ideas and instantly transforms t ...

Screenshot of Textio Flow – writing software which takes your rough ideas and instantly transforms them into powerful language with a single keystroke (Photo: Business Wire)

Tapping into Textio’s enormous proprietary data set of more than half a
billion documents with real-world outcomes, Textio Flow can turn just a
few words into complete paragraphs of text. Textio’s word processor
helps the writer articulate the best version of the concept they want to
get across, using the language that’s on brand for their company and
most likely to get a response from the person for whom it’s written. No
more guessing what words to choose—writing that used to take hours of
concentrated effort now gets done effortlessly and effectively in

“Writing is the currency of business. In any company, the thing your
team actually produces the most of every day is words,” said Kieran
Snyder, co-founder and CEO, Textio. “Textio Flow moves beyond today’s
simple word processors, which only provide basic tools to help you type
what you were already going to write a bit faster. Textio Flow
understands the underlying meaning in your rough ideas and expands it
into rich and effective language that is perfect for the situation.”

When you write, you are broadcasting to the world what your company
values. Whether you’re hiring, selling, marketing, or even communicating
internally, not only are the words you choose literally the difference
between success and failure, they also broadcast the underlying truth of
what your business cares about.

“The first time I saw Textio Flow, I knew I was seeing the future,” said
Denise Reed Lamoreaux, Global Chief Diversity Officer, Atos. “Our
organization includes nearly 125,000 people from all kinds of
backgrounds and parts of the world. It’s impossible to get your head
around how many words get written here at Atos every day. Textio Flow
makes sure that this vast and diverse community can communicate in a way
that deeply reflects our values.”

Textio Flow is the missing link between the company you are and the
company you want to be. Up until now, there’s never been software to
automatically propagate your company’s best storytelling across your
entire organization. As Textio Flow taps into your most effective
on-brand writing, not only do you get better business results, but you
meaningfully change the culture of your company.

“When it comes to culture, how people communicate is everything,” said
Terri Coligan, Manager of Recruiting Enablement, Nestle. “The words you
use reveal so much about who you are, and it’s often subconscious.
Textio Flow lets us get more intentional about the alignment between our
words and our culture. And it’s fast—going from a few rough ideas to the
best expression of those ideas takes minutes, not hours.”

Textio Flow is the core writing foundation of Textio Hire, the
award-winning augmented writing platform for hiring. Textio perfectly
tailors the text in job posts and recruiting messages for the specific
role, location, company, and intended audience. Anyone can use Textio
Hire to write a highly effective job post from scratch in five minutes

“We’ve entered a new era of what it feels like to write,” said Jensen
Harris, co-founder and CTO, Textio. “Textio Flow is the realization of
the dream we had when we founded Textio: giving humans the power to
write at the speed of thought. Once you feel what it’s like to
experience the perfect words flowing effortlessly from your fingertips,
in your own voice, you never want to go back to letter-at-a-time typing

“Our job as Talent Acquisition professionals is to make the job of
attracting talent efficient and effective,” said Michelle Burks,
Director, North America & EMEA Talent Acquisition, Micron Technology,
Inc. “Textio Flow will bring more creativity to my team’s writing by
helping them meld their ideas for an open role, with the language that
reflects our culture and will accelerate hiring.”

About Textio

Founded in Seattle in 2014 by Kieran Snyder and Jensen Harris, Textio (@textio)
is the world’s leading augmented writing platform. In a short time,
Textio has been widely adopted by enterprises around the world,
including Procter & Gamble, IBM, McDonald’s, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé,
Cisco, Union Bank, American Express, Virgin Atlantic, Credit Suisse,
Twitter, and Slack. In total, the company has raised $29.5 million in
funding from Scale Venture Partners, Emergence Capital, Cowboy Ventures,
Bloomberg Beta, and Upside Partnership.