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Terminus Expands Measurement and Engagement Capabilities in Account-Based Platform; Now Measures Traditional and ABM Programs in a Single Scorecard

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the #1 rated account-based marketing (ABM) execution platform and leader
of the ABM movement, today announces it has rolled out new key features
for its account-based platform. Terminus’ capstone feature,
Account-based Scorecard, has the deepest measurement capabilities of any
ABM platform, offering the only account-to-revenue view of account-based
and traditional marketing program performance. It also empowers
customers to easily measure across lifecycle stages, helping B2B
marketing teams focus on quality experiences that drive revenue over
high-volume, low-quality engagements that drive leads.

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Terminus Scorecard (Photo: Business Wire)

Terminus Scorecard (Photo: Business Wire)

The account-centric measurement capability incorporates outbound and
inbound activities executed by both marketing and sales teams into a
single scorecard and reporting framework. Additionally, Terminus now
provides digital advertising capabilities reaching audiences in global
markets and enabling account-level targeting across all regions around
the world. The new display advertising is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant
alongside the already available integration to LinkedIn for global
reach. Key to Terminus’ advertising functionality is the ability to
manage fraud concerns, limiting ad fraud to less than two percent –
which is well below the industry average. All of these new capabilities
align with the TEAM
to provide the easiest way possible for B2B marketers to
operate, scale and measure account-based initiatives.

“While ABM has certainly become mainstream, Forrester Research recently confirmed
that 77 percent of survey recipients cited an inability to adequately
measure results as one of their top concerns,” says Bryan Brown,
Terminus’ chief product officer. “We’ve heard this echoed by B2B
marketers time and again, and recognize that tracking MQLs that tie into
account-based programs wasn’t nearly enough. With this release our
platform now delivers account-centric measurement capabilities that
attribute results across all marketing and sales efforts, whether they
are part of a designated ABM program or not. As a result, marketers can
stop using spreadsheets and marshalling time-consuming after-the-fact
attribution efforts. This, along with several other new features, equip
our customers to realize the most optimal results from their ABM
strategy and show those results easily.”

Terminus’ Account-based Scorecard provides marketing executives and
practitioners the ability to see an overview of every program’s true
influence on revenue and compare different marketing and sales channel
efforts in a single place. Customers can also get out-of-the-box
reporting on the metrics that truly matter to the modern marketer,
including pipeline influenced, revenue influenced, account-level
engagement as a percentage of the total available market, win percentage
and deal velocity. All of these measurement tools fill a widespread need
for B2B marketers to better launch, scale, measure and rapidly improve
upon their account-based approach.

As a further testament to Terminus’ industry-leading technology, 451
Research recently announced the company as a Q1
2019 Firestarter innovation award recipient
. 451 Research’s
Firestarter program recognizes exceptional innovation within the
information technology industry. The program is exclusively analyst-led,
allowing its team of technology and market experts to highlight
organizations they believe are significantly contributing to the overall
pace and extent of innovation in the technology market.

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About Terminus

Founded in 2014, Terminus
is the leader of the account-based movement. We help our customers
transform B2B marketing by focusing sales and marketing resources on the
best-fit, most likely to buy segments of their addressable market. Our
platform empowers marketing teams to easily build, operate and measure
scalable account-based initiatives that drive quality growth. We serve
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