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TeleHealth Services Provides No Cost Relaxation Videos for Hospitals to Ease Patient Stress During COVID-19 Crisis

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With strict policies limiting visitors in hospital rooms during the COVID-19 crisis to prevent the spread of the disease, TeleHealth Services is providing relaxation videos and music for hospital patients in addition to offering hospitals virtual nurse visit systems at no cost during this pandemic.

In most cases, hospitals across the nation are not allowing visitors, including family members, to be with patients. Relaxation content on patient room televisions can provide a needed distraction and ease stress for patients. TeleHealth Services is the nation’s leading provider of interactive patient experience solutions that integrates patient televisions, audiovisual systems, entertainment and relaxation content for hospitals and clinics throughout the nation.

In addition to the stress reduction content, TeleHealth Services is providing a virtual nurse system at no cost during the crisis. With “telenursing” nurses can provide care through patient room televisions. The system enables nursing staff to conduct virtual care visits with isolated patients through centralized workstations within the hospital or from remote locations. This approach to patient care reduces the risk of spreading the disease and preserves the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Patients interact with nurses through a networked TV, mounted camera and integrated pillow speaker.

“We are all living through one of the most stressful times we have ever experienced, for patients and hospital staff,” said Mimi Weber, administrative director and chief learning officer, Memorial Healthcare System. “Nature scenery, soothing music and sleep programming help patients to relieve anxiety while hospitalized.”

The six-hospital system with 1,924 beds in south Florida has limited visitors during the pandemic response. Relaxation videos and music are provided to patient room TVs through the TeleHealth Services Tigr interactive patient engagement and education system. Hospitals have long known that stress can cause impaired immune systems and elevated blood pressure hampering treatment and recovery.

“We understand that relieving stress can help accelerate recovery for all kinds of illnesses and conditions,” Weber said. “We are grateful for the ability to provide helpful tools that comfort our patients, especially during the time they are hospitalized and unable to receive visitors due to safety precautions related to COVID-19.”

TeleHealth Services General Manager Kevin Colores added, “We’ve helped hospitals relieve stress for patients with relaxation and entertainment content for decades through patient-room televisions. Now we are working diligently to rapidly respond during this crisis with no-cost services to help hospitals and their patients,” he said. “The audiovisual virtual nurse system and relaxation content to address the stress of patients being alone are small measures of appreciation we have for hospitals and all they are doing to help our nation through this crisis.”

In addition, the TeleHealth Services Client Outcomes Team responded to the initial outbreak in early February by creating a brief two-minute coronavirus video message campaign shared with hospitals to quickly inform patients and visitors about preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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