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TechScreen Stops Invoicing Clients for 60 Days to Help Clients During COVID

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Techscreen, Inc., the world’s only SaaS solution that guides a recruiter through conducting a detailed interview of an IT candidate, has announced it will not bill its monthly subscribers for the months of April and May as a way to give relief to clients during the COVID emergency.

“TechScreen wants to do everything it can to help ease pressure on our clients as the world deals with this global emergency, so we have suspended billing our monthly subscribers for the months of April and May,” TechScreen CEO Mark Knowlton said. “I have had clients tell me they have had consultants’ assignments abruptly end, while others have been told by their customers that ‘I am not sure when we are going to be able to pay your invoices. Sorry.’”

TechScreen has been serving the staffing industry since 2016 and recognizes that firms operate at very modest margins, even if the gross revenues run into seven, eight and nine figures. Knowlton said that he wants TechScreen to act more like a partner to its customers instead of a vendor.

“Agencies take on a ton of risk even during normal business climates, because they have to pay their contractors weekly while they ride out net-30 and net-45 AR cycles,” Knowlton said. “Now, these owners are faced with having to make some pretty Draconian decisions while dealing with the unnerving uncertainty of when does everyone go back to work.

New staffing subscribers will essentially be getting a minimum of a free month and, thanks to a new program unveiled last month, licenses for salespeople will be free permanently.

“We may not be a giant, publicly traded company with vast resources to ride out long downturns, but we want to be sensitive to the plight our clients are facing. I am confident we will get back to work sooner than later, so if we can show some understanding and compassion, we can all get through this tough time together.”

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