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TechScreen Empowering Staffing Sales People With Free SaaS License

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Techscreen, Inc., the world’s only SaaS solution that guides a recruiter through conducting a detailed interview of an IT candidate, will now provide a free license to Account Executives for our staffing clients.

TechScreen’s product has always been viewed by clients as a tool for recruiters, but arming sales people with this capability lets them forge a different kind of relationship with managers. We are going to be offering a webinar at 3 p.m. EST on Tuesday, March 17 or at 11 a.m. EST on Thursday, March 19 to show sales people how to present this capability.

“Our clients are constantly asked ‘What makes you guys different?’ and they have to fall back on a pile of stock industry answers,” TechScreen CEO Mark Knowlton said. “We want our clients to say, “We care so much about quality that we have deployed a SaaS application that lets us create custom interviews for each of your reqs. Managers can pick out of a library of over 100 skills or insert their own questions and we will send a detailed report of every interview for each submittal. Do your other staffing vendors do this?”

This webinar will help your team cope with all of these pain points.

TechScreen has one major client ($500M) whose recruiters have knocked out 64% of over 4,500 candidates they have screened since 2016. We want all of our staffing clients to have this level of screening efficacy.

“Agencies who rely on the resume alone to get a send out are losing deals,” Knowlton said. “We want our clients to build a consulting partnership with their customers by digging into specific questions that relate to their deliverables.”

“As a user of TechScreen for the last few years, I have seen a major increase in not only the quality of candidates we are able to produce to our clients, but we now have a way for our Recruiters and Sales teams to identify those candidates that should not be forwarded to our clients for review,” Mike Press, VP of Recruiting Operations and Performance at The Judge Group said.

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