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Tech For A Better World: Global Extreme Tech Challenge℠ Announced at VivaTech

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The Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC), a leading global startup competition,
announced a new challenge to bring new technologies and innovations
aiming to solve the world’s most extreme problems at Viva Technology in
Paris, France. The XTC® competition, with support from ARM,
Cadence, Cisco, Samsung Electronics, Silicon Valley Bank, University of
California, and Zoom, will enable entrepreneurs to develop solutions
that can have a meaningful impact on our world, network with other
startups and investors, while competing for up to $10,000,000 in
investments and awards.

The XTC competition seeks out the most pioneering entrepreneurs,
startups, and industry-leaders to harness the power of technology to
make a positive impact on the planet and our global community. Inspired
by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals—including those
related to health, education, diversity, poverty, infrastructure, clean
water and climate action—the XTC competition aims to create a better,
more sustainable future for mankind through the development of impactful

“XTC is a concerted effort by industry-leaders and entrepreneurs to make
real progress in solving the world’s major challenges,” said Young Sohn,
President and Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Electronics. “Technology
can be invented and used to unlock breakthrough innovations in the
service of society, and all of us at Samsung are eager to help make
their ideas a reality.”

The XTC competition is open to global submissions for a product or
service based on a new or existing technology or an innovative
application aimed at the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.
Startups of any size or funding may apply to the XTC competition.

“Some entrepreneurs want to make their mark on the world—others want to
change it,” said XTC co-founder and longtime Silicon Valley entrepreneur
and investor, Bill Tai. “XTC has fostered some of the most innovative
founders and startups over the past five years, and for 2020, XTC has a
renewed focus on tackling the most urgent challenges facing our planet.”

“At Arm, we believe in the power technology has to make a positive and
long-lasting impact on the people and areas in most need,” said Simon
Segars, CEO, Arm. “Working with Samsung to focus XTC on the Global Goals
as part of our 2030Vision
initiative is a significant step towards harnessing innovation to
overcome some of the major challenges our global society faces.”

“Technology is transformative—it has the power to shape our world for
the better,” said Maurice Levy, founder of VivaTech. “XTC and Viva
Technology are celebrations of the innovations and innovators who
are creating a better, safer, more prosperous future for all.”

In addition to their product or service, startups participating in the
XTC competition will be required to submit a 5-minute video that
describes their technology, and the positive impact it will make towards
achieving one or several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Early submissions are encouraged to be eligible for partner services and
a chance to receive invitations to regional VIP events.

The Top 10 Global Finalists will be announced in April 2020, with the
three overall winners announced at VivaTech in Paris, France in May
2020. The top three finalists will be awarded a simple agreement for
future equity (SAFE) note, with the first-place winner receiving
$1,000,000, the second-place winner receiving $250,000, and the
third-place winner receiving $100,000.

The XTC 2020 international submission platform is now available through
the XTC
. See the Official Rules on the
website for all of the XTC competition requirements.

About Extreme Tech Challenge

Extreme Tech Challenge is a nonprofit public benefit corporation whose
mission is to promote education and science by nurturing the global
entrepreneurial ecosystem through supporting technologies to address the
world’s biggest problems. The Extreme Tech Challenge™ competition brings
together startups, businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs),
and world leaders to bring solutions that address the challenges facing
humanity and our planet.