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Tax Day 2019 Underscores Consumer and Business Challenges, Advisory Trends According to Avii

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Consumers have spoken and tax advisories and software developers are
listening according to Avii,
a SaaS innovator with 18 years of experience serving Big 4 Accounting

Tax Day 2019 has underscored the growing level of stress on consumers,
businesses, tax and accounting practitioners and even the IRS. The
five-week partial government shutdown couldn’t
have come at a worse time for the IRS
according to National Taxpayer
Advocate Nina Olson, creating an extended time period in which calls for
tax help from consumers and tax practitioners went unanswered at IRS
call centers and field offices across the country. Adding to the growing
challenges, the IRS has seen a 23 percent reduction in workforce since
2010, according
to Federal News Network

Meanwhile, personal and business taxes have become increasingly more
complex while security requirements grew in response to increased
hacking activities. Thankfully, this year also brought acceleration in
technology automation that changed the landscape for advisory, tax,
assurance, accounting, compliance and wealth management.

In response to the needs of professionals in these fields, Avii, a
fast-growing SaaS technology firm based in Utah’s Silicon Slopes, is
leading out in the delivery of ever-increasing levels of value-add
analysis, business intelligence and guidance to support the consumers
and businesses who depend on these organizations to help them thrive in
today’s modern business landscape.

For the past two years, Avii has been working behind the scenes with
several of the world’s largest accounting companies to discover, develop
and deploy innovative workflows and the best automation technologies
available to accounting professionals.

The culmination of these efforts is a collection of process management
changes, improved workflows and specialized software resources that
interconnect staff and clients within a single practice management
platform that meets or exceeds their rigorous security, efficiency and
client satisfaction requirements.

Avii is changing the way professionals securely interact with the
disconnected and varied cloud-based software solutions they use every
day—which can total more than 30 solutions per accounting
practitioner—to manage internal and client proposals, budgets,
documents, data, tasks, schedules, communications and workflows.

Avii Workspace™ is both a suite of preferred software tools and an
innovative way to consolidate and view data, status and other dashboard
KPIs from the firm’s cloud-based and internal software systems. It
provides firms with a single client portal for their clients through
which all document and information exchanges flow to simplify,
consolidate and secure interactions between the firm and its clients.

Despite the increasing challenges of our economy and the ecosystems we
work within, these new levels of technology and services delivered
through Avii Workspace are contributing to new and increasingly better
outputs and client satisfaction.

“Working with some of the largest and best accounting firms in the world
during the past two years has resulted in significant gains in workflow
change management and technology innovations that are directly
increasing the experience and satisfaction of practitioners and their
clients,” said Lyle Ball, Avii CEO.

“Even more importantly, the price point and SaaS model of Avii Workspace
has made it possible for us to deliver these capabilities to
consultancies and organizations of all sizes,” Ball continued. “Our
innovative workflows and software are enabling seismic shifts in
efficiencies and client satisfaction.”

About Avii

Avii provides tax, audit, advisory, management consulting and compliance
organizations with an integrated suite of most-required practice
management software solutions. Avii Workspace is the first true SaaS
Hub™, giving consultants and clients a single portal and a unified
workspace for the functions that drive consistent workflow, business
intelligence and communication to propel business success. For more
information about the Avii Workspace platform, visit

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