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Tantalus Load Management Solution Portfolio Expands with Addition of 4-relay Load Control Switch

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Tantalus Systems, a smart grid technology company which helps utilities
make smarter decisions through the use of its market-leading edge
computing platform, announced today the addition of a new load control
switch to its existing product portfolio that features 4
independently-controllable relays. The new model further demonstrates
the capability of the Tantalus Utility Network (TUNet®) and its embedded
TRUEdge™ computing module to support multiple applications beyond
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

The 4-relay load control switch is a compact and cost-effective solution
capable of managing residential and commercial electrical loads. The
ability to manage 4 different loads independently while tracking event
execution through two-way communications allows a utility to effectively
target load management and improve the efficiency and resiliency of its
electric distribution network while minimizing impact to the utility’s
customers. The 4-relay switch will also leverage OptiCycle™, an
intelligent cycling feature, which further maximizes load reduction
while supporting cold load pick-up and event ramping. The optional event
opt-out and recurring scheduling features provide additional tools to
support utility demand management, direct load control, energy
efficiency and consumer engagement programs.

“Tantalus is already helping our utility cope with the wide variety of
installation situations and load configurations we encounter in the
field,” said Dan Tepfer, Energy Management/Key Account Representative,
Kandiyohi Power Cooperative. “The addition of the 4-relay model provides
much more flexibility to efficiently handle even our most challenging
sites without additional equipment.”

Tantalus is making its load switch platform available to other AMI and
smart grid vendors for integration with their respective communication
networks to extend Tantalus’ reach beyond its growing presence in the
Municipal and Cooperative utility market.

“Tantalus continues to lead the way in innovative and effective
technologies in support of the Municipal and Cooperative utility
segment. We are excited to expand our product portfolio in a way that
further assists utilities seeking to build a sustainable business model
and improve customer service,” said Peter Londa, Tantalus’ CEO. “The
4-relay load control switch demonstrates our continued commitment to
deliver solutions that meet the needs of our customers and we are
excited to provide access to this new product to the broader utility
market through alliances and partnerships.”

About Tantalus

Tantalus provides TUNet – the Tantalus Utility Network – which is an
award-winning end-to-end communications platform utilizing IP-based
networks including fiber, WiMAX and cellular as well as 220 & 900 MHz
wireless radio frequency. TUNet is designed and built for the smart grid
and unites utility applications through distributed, Linux-based edge
computing capability at every endpoint, thereby enhancing the value of
data across all utility departments through integrated solutions such as
AMI, outage management, power quality monitoring, load management,
lighting controls and distribution automation that are cost-effective
and practical to deploy throughout urban, suburban and rural service
areas. For more information, please visit