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TAG Cyber Releases 2021 Security Annual for Third Quarter

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TAG Cyber, LLC, the leader in democratizing world-class cyber security research and advisory services, today announced that it has released its 2021 Security Annual for the Third Quarter. The new report is available for free on TAG Cyber’s web site and offers insights from leading experts across the cyber security ecosystem and unbiased analysis on cyber security vendors and the market landscape.

TAG Cyber’s report features the launch of a new model that fills a missing link in the SASE framework for secure business networking used by organizations today. TAG Cyber’s INZ model is based on identification, authentication, and authorization of relationships within an organization’s architecture, increasing the levels of security and access control enterprises need.

“Organizations are operating with remote users, relying on SaaS applications, and using data housed in the cloud, rendering identification a critical component of network security,” said Ed Amoroso founder and CEO of TAG Cyber. “We support SASE as part of today’s network security architecture, however, if identification is the new perimeter for access into today’s remote, digitized systems, there needs to be a better understanding of how these components interact with one another.”

In 2021, the frequency and scale of cyber attacks has increased and touched businesses and critical infrastructure ranging from hospitals to power plants. Amid the growing intensity and risks associated with these threats, the need for research and insight from leading experts is becoming more important as enterprises, governments, and individuals seek to stay one step ahead and protect against the damage they can inflict on vital systems.

TAG Cyber’s report addresses these demands, offering interviews with industry leaders and perspectives on pressing issues in cyber security, such as data breaches, identity and vulnerability management, and many others.

The new report features an expansion of TAG Cyber’s research taxonomy – it has grown to a set of 26 tier one categories with more than 130 subcategories, offering enterprises a simplified way to evaluate technology and vendors as they seek to implement best practices to combat the threats of cyber attacks and malicious hackers.

The Security Annual is developed and aimed at working practitioners in the cyber security industry — including board members, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Security Officers (CSOs), developers, managers, sales professionals, and marketing experts.

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