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TAB Bank Partners with Validis to Support SMB Lending

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a pioneer of financial data sharing and standardization technology,
announced that TAB
 has selected its powerful, world-leading platform, DataShare,
to deliver a seamless SMB lending experience while also gaining deeper
insights to speed decisioning and minimize risk.

Ogden, Utah-based TAB Bank is committed to helping national business
owners turn ideas into action and capitalize on new opportunities. TAB
Bank offers business financing options driven by unique solutions that
combine the security of a bank with the flexibility of a finance company
to meet almost any need. To support their continued competitive
differentiation, the bank selected Validis’ DataShare platform to help
underpin the SMB lending process by automating the gathering and
consumption of client financials. As a result, the bank will rapidly
accelerate and de-risk the commercial lending process.

Used by the world’s leading financial organizations and accounting
firms, DataShare provides financial institutions like TAB Bank with
fast, easy access to a SMB client’s financial data, direct from their
accounting application, in a standardized format. Banks gain access to
their borrower’s accurate, complete and current financial data, which
provides greater insights, speeds decisioning and minimizes risk. In
turn, TAB Bank’s borrowers will benefit from automating the collection
and transfer of their financial data to the bank, leading to quicker
decisions. Ultimately, DataShare will drive greater growth for TAB
Bank’s commercial portfolio and reduce the underwriting process by
delivering standardized and complete financials at the touch of a button.

“At TAB Bank, we firmly believe banking is about relationships — not
transactions,” said, Justin Gordon, SVP Sales & Marketing at TAB Bank.
“We are dedicated and keenly focused on being a true partner to our
small business clients, making Validis a natural fit. With DataShare, we
have a comprehensive view of our clients’ financials, allowing us to
work with them in a more strategic, intelligent way. We’re confident
this will provide tremendous value not only for our bank, but our

“We’re excited to work with TAB Bank to help them enhance the SMB
lending journey,” said Joel Curry, CEO of Validis. “DataShare will
provide a secure data pipe that extracts and delivers clients’
financials in real time, standardized for easy consumption. At the click
of a button, TAB Bank’s clients connect their own accounting package to
the platform. We then extract, analyze and normalize the data to create
clear, standardized reports in minutes while providing SMB clients with
a true digital journey. This is a true game-changer.”

About TAB Bank

TAB Bank provides custom working capital solutions to commercial
businesses across a wide range of industries. These solutions can be
customized to meet the needs of companies in all stages of the business
life cycle and during any economic conditions. TAB Bank does this
through a variety of asset-based structures including Asset-Based
Revolving Loans, Accounts Receivable Financing, Lines of Credit, and
Equipment Finance. TAB’s lending options can also be combined with a
full suite of business banking solutions and Treasury Management
Services. For more information, please visit

About Validis

Led by experienced and influential finance and technology experts,
Validis digitally connects commercial lenders and accountants to their
customers’ accounting applications, standardizing the data and
autogenerating financials. Our comprehensive suite of APIs provides
massive efficiency gains, revolutionizing time consuming, manual
processes, while the depth and structure of the data delivered powers
auto-decisioning and greater insight. Validis is headquartered in the
United Kingdom with offices in North America. For more information,
please visit