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Synzi Supports Home Health Agencies and Their Patients During the Coronavirus

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Synzi, a leading technology company, announced that it is providing home health agencies free use of its automated messaging to contact all of their patients with information about the coronavirus.

“We are activating quickly to let home health agencies know that we are here to help them, their staff, and their patients remain informed about the coronavirus,” explained Lee Horner, CEO, Synzi. “We’re hoping we can be of assistance in helping agencies better communicate with their patients and continue to care for their patients during this time.”

Home health agencies will need to proactively address patients’ concerns about the coronavirus. Given the latest updates, home health agencies are facing scenarios such as:

  • Patients may be hesitant to let nurses into their homes for in-person visits.
  • Nurses may also be anxious about the situation and may want to conduct more virtual visits vs. in-person visits at this time.

Many home health agencies are already sending out a broadcast message to their patients using the Synzi communication platform. “It is critical that we share information about preventive measures to our patients,” stated Linda Murphy, RN, BSN, COS-C, CDP, RN-BC, CEO of Concierge Home Care. “With Synzi, we were able to quickly push a message about the coronavirus to our patients. We even included a link to a video from WHO to ensure the accuracy and quality of the patient education. I also anticipate that we will see more of our patients requesting to participate in virtual visits in order to minimize in-person contact with others.”

For agencies interested in sharing information about the situation with their patients, Synzi is helping send out a free one-time broadcast message to all of their patients in a matter of seconds. This automated functionality saves an agency valuable hours which would typically be spent calling every single patient proactively or responding to individual patients’ questions and calls. The Synzi platform also helps agencies report back to the state that their patients were contacted and received the emergency-related communication. Home health agencies are also deploying Synzi’s platform in order to be able to conduct virtual visits with their patients and ensure continuity of care.

Through Synzi’s award-winning communication platform, users can leverage everyday devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs across any level of connectivity. Staff can engage patients with HIPAA-compliant messaging and video-based virtual visits. For patients with language barriers, the platform enables staff to quickly include an interpreter into the video call. Messaging can also be translated into the patient’s primary or preferred language. The platform also offers a high-performance reporting dashboard and assessments, empowering organizations to analyze patient compliance and quickly intervene if needed.

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