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SwiftStack announces Data Analytics solution with 10x performance and massive scale

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the leader in multi-cloud data storage and management, today announced a
new solution for big data analytics and machine learning for hybrid
cloud and multi-cloud environments.

The solution is built for data-driven workloads using popular frameworks
and applications like Hadoop, Spark, Presto, TensorFlow, and Hive, and
delivers ten times the performance with a practical, cost-effective
workflow spanning on-premise and public cloud resources. This enables
users to create a high-performance big data analytics or AI/ML data
pipeline in a “memory-first” architecture where storage and compute are
decoupled and can scale on-demand, to billions of files and hundreds of
petabytes, as data load and/or performance needs grow.

The SwiftStack solution is powered by SwiftStack’s object-based cloud
storage and 1space multi-cloud data management as well as Alluxio, a
data orchestration layer that sits between compute frameworks and
storage. This eliminates common challenges with analytics applications
today, including a lack of enterprise-ready multi-cloud workflows with
appropriate data management tools, insufficient throughput, or
insufficient API compatibility to support descriptive, interactive and
predictive analytical workloads.

“We’re seeing an ever-increasing demand to extract value from data with
AI and analytics workloads, and bringing the data closer to compute
anywhere, with high performance and low cost is consistently becoming a
challenge for enterprises,” said Dipti Borkar, Alluxio Vice President of
Product and Marketing. “SwiftStack’s data analytics solution solves this
problem by providing a cost effective yet high performance and rich
alternative to power modern data-intensive workloads.”

“Enterprises are ready to move from HDFS to on-premise S3, enabled by
ingest and training performance, meta-data scalability, durability, and
economics, but often data locality and API support used to be
obstacles,” said Shailesh Manjrekar, Head of AI/ML Solutions Marketing
and Corporate Development at SwiftStack. “Our new solution brings
together the best of both worlds – SwiftStack providing the ideal data
storage and management platform and Alluxio providing the compute data
orchestration and API accessibility.”

The solution is easy to deploy and scale by adding standard on-premises
server hardware and account capacity in Amazon Web Services or Google
Cloud Platform. Applications and users have universal access (file and
object) to a single data namespace, and data is placed across the system
by user-defined policies. Any amount of metadata can be added and
indexed in the system, allowing for easier searching.

To learn more a about this solution, watch an on-demand webinar about
the solution at

About SwiftStack

SwiftStack, founded in 2011 by some of the earliest pioneers in cloud
computing, is a leading cloud storage provider for organizations that
require universal access to petabytes of unstructured data in a single
namespace. Its software is popular in industries like media and
entertainment, global service providers, life sciences, and web-based
business; and for functions like AI/ML, analytics, scientific research,
active archive, and managing data across multiple clouds. SwiftStack is
utilized by industry leaders including eBay, Pac-12 Networks, Verizon,
and the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. The company is
headquartered in San Francisco and received B-series funding from
OpenView Partners, Storm Ventures, UMC Capital, and Mayfield Fund. For
more information visit
or follow the company on Twitter
and LinkedIn.

About Alluxio

Proven at global web scale in production for modern data services, Alluxio
is the developer of open source data orchestration software for the
cloud. Alluxio moves data closer to big data and machine learning
compute frameworks in any cloud across clusters, regions, clouds and
countries, providing memory-speed data access to files and objects.
Intelligent data tiering and data management deliver consistent high
performance to customers in financial services, high tech, retail and
telecommunications. Alluxio is in production use today at seven
out of the top ten internet companies
. Venture-backed by Andreessen
Horowitz and Seven Seas Partners, Alluxio was founded at UC Berkeley’s
AMPLab by the creators of the Tachyon open source project. For more
information, contact
or follow us on LinkedIn,
or Twitter.