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Sweep Launches First Enterprise Carbon Software Platform to Reduce Emissions By Mobilizing Employees and Partners; Secures $5M Funding Round

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Sweep, the first platform that allows companies to democratize carbon reduction by mobilizing their employees and external partners to reach a credible net zero, today announced it has closed a $5M funding round and is launching its public beta. For the first time, companies can manage and reduce carbon emissions by uniting employees and external partners at every level via an easy-to-use platform. This can include thousands of employees, suppliers and distributors located anywhere in the world.

The effects of climate change are increasing, and companies across industries are motivated to do their part. But today’s carbon reduction efforts are being stalled by complex tools and resources that can’t match the urgency of the threat. By putting automation, connectivity and collaboration at the heart of the platform, Sweep is the first to offer companies an efficient mechanism to tackle their indirect Scope 3 emissions, and turn net zero from a buzzword into a reality.

The Sweep Trees and Sweep Connect features enable the highest levels of collaboration on the market. Sweep Trees lets users track carbon emissions across the organization, from brands and products to divisions and locations, and see how they contribute to its overall global footprint. With Sweep Connect, users can link Trees between organizations, such as external suppliers and distributors, securely exchanging carbon data with the press of a button. Whether one employee at a small business or one of hundreds of thousands of employees in a complex enterprise with a large supply chain, within minutes Sweep lets users assign teams, track tasks, and monitor progress in a single, scalable software platform.

Sweep helps organizations:

  • Measure emissions quickly and regularly at the source, enabling everyone from carbon experts to novice staff to understand where the dirt comes from and take meaningful action
  • Set company-wide targets as well as empower teams with the individual goals, scenarios, benchmarks, and reduction initiatives to engage and motivate them (and create some fun and friendly competition along the way)
  • Handle the most complex ecosystems of subsidiaries and suppliers, with granular control of what gets shared, flexible rules for access or approvals, and enterprise-ready security
  • Leverage the broadest catalogue of carbon projects, with fintech-inspired tools that allow teams to make their own on-brand, on-target climate contributions
  • Automatically publish investor-grade reports in line with the latest carbon accounting standards, and create engaging communications for internal and external audiences

From enabling employees to make greener choices to encouraging suppliers to support sustainable practices, Sweep turns reducing emissions into an accessible and affordable business practice. And with the most diverse international catalog of carbon projects, Sweep brings reliable transparency to carbon finance and champions new types of climate solutions that the world desperately needs to keep temperatures in check.

Sweep’s leadership team brings decades of experience in building business software products and consulting large companies on carbon reduction. Sweep co-founders Rachel Delacour and Nicolas Raspal’s business intelligence software company BIME Analytics was acquired by Zendesk, where co-founders Yannick Chaze and Raphael Gueller served as engineering and design leaders. Renaud Bettin, Lead Climate Expert at Sweep, was the founder of the Net Zero Initiative during his tenure at Carbone4 and is a world-recognized expert on carbon compensation.

“Sweep is our way of thanking the global businesses who have taken the lead on climate action, and it’s our rallying call for every other company out there to join us,” said Rachel Delacour, CEO and co-founder, Sweep. “We know first hand that it can be incredibly hard to identify what needs to be done to reduce carbon emissions and take impactful climate action. We designed Sweep from the ground up to be collaborative and easy-to-use, in order to help mobilize intention and quickly translate it into real results – before it’s too late.”

“Sweep is enabling the democratization of climate action for businesses,” said Florian Palluel, sustainability and transparency manager, Picture Organic Clothing. “We are proud to be among the first users of Sweep’s platform, and we are excited to continue making further progress toward our emissions reduction goals with Sweep.”

Sweep’s global seed round is led by New Wave (a new fund backed by Xavier Niel and Peter Fenton), 2050 (a new breed of VC setting out to craft a fertile future, founded by Marie Ekeland), and La Famiglia (a fund with strong ties to big European industrial firms). Sweep is also supported by several San Francisco-based technology entrepreneurs.

“Around the world, companies are under pressure from customers, investors and regulators to take action to reduce their emissions,” said Pia d’Iribarne, co-founder and managing partner, New Wave. “As a result, we’re seeing unprecedented growth in the climate technology market and we expect it to continue to explode. What used to be an issue confined to a company’s sustainability team is now a front-and-center business objective that has the commitment of the CEO. We invested in Sweep because of their world-class expertise in sustainability and their success in developing state-of-the-art, end-to-end SaaS platforms. It’s the right team and the right product at the right time.”

“With its marketplace, Sweep removes bottlenecks around carbon and climate pledges, which makes them more easily implementable by companies of all sizes,” said Bastien Sachet, CEO, Earthworm Foundation. “Sweep also promotes climate projects beyond certification, giving them access to a wide variety of potential investors. That’s truly innovative and impactful.”

Sweep is now available for use under public beta. Anyone can sign up and start using Sweep within minutes by visiting

About Sweep

Founded in 2020, Sweep is the only all-in-one carbon emissions management platform that helps companies reach a credible “net zero.” With Sweep, organizations can track their global emissions across any internal and external organizational structure, including employees, business units, brands, locations, products and projects, as well as suppliers and distributors. Decentralized user capabilities empower anyone from across the organization to share their data and visualize how their activities are making a difference. The Sweep platform includes a digital marketplace, which offers companies access to the most diverse international catalog of carbon projects so they can make their own targeted climate contributions when they buy carbon credits. Sweep is a Certified B Corporation with operations located in France and the United Kingdom. For more information about Sweep, please visit