Press release Launches AI Healthcheck to Help Businesses Assure the Performance of their AI Models

Sponsored by Businesswire has launched a new service, AI Healthcheck, that allows businesses to quickly get an indication of how their AI models are performing and discover if any inaccuracies are being introduced by outside factors. Using the company’s SaaS-based AI Assurance platform, the new offering gives business leaders an option to validate the effectiveness of their AI systems during uncertain and changing business conditions that may be gradual or caused by sudden and uncontrollable disruptions to global markets, including recessions, pandemics, elections and extreme weather events. Seed funding announced earlier in the month has allowed the company to bring AI Healthcheck to market and make it available to businesses globally, offering business leaders an opportunity to quickly assure their AI models’ performance and assess potential risks.

More businesses than ever before are relying on data and AI-based systems to drive their decision-making and business functions. For example, AI technology is used by banks to approve credit lines, financial services institutions to make decisions about the stock market, and marketers to optimize and personalize their campaigns. But, the accuracy of the models making these decisions is called into question when the business, political, social or economic environment changes, as changes in data could potentially introduce inaccuracies or biases. With only 48 percent of companies stating they have a moderately high or expert understanding of AI technology, the uncertainties caused by global events are further exasperated. The rise of big data has made it nearly impossible for businesses to spot these changes to AI models that will negatively impact the health of their systems, and they are often unable to act in time to prevent missed business KPIs. In some cases, the AI models become completely invalid.

“Business leaders have trouble trusting their AI on a good day, let alone when outside factors are causing drastic changes to their industry and market,” said Ofer Razon, co-founder and CEO of “In the past, our customers spent weeks manually solving issues that we now automate for them in real-time. While some businesses may not be ready with a full-time AI Assurance solution in place, it’s still vital that they can assure the health of current models and make any needed adjustments quickly, especially in days of turbulence. Without this verification, there is no way for business leaders to trust the accuracy and effectiveness of data-driven AI systems, grinding businesses to a halt.”

AI Healthcheck allows businesses using AI in operational process to go through an immediate assurance process that determines if business and technical conditions reflected in the data feeding the AI models is still a fit for optimal business results. A business can simply stream the model baseline data and current sets used in production into the AI Healthcheck system, with no integration required into internal systems. The service uses AI Assurance platform, which completes an extensive analysis of the model and produces a detailed report including:

  • Multi-dimensional changes and concept drifts noticed in the data with high risk on the model’s performance
  • A map of various data segments that might develop any performance issues or unwanted bias
  • Indications of specific performance drops that have already happened
  • Recommendations for optimization and risk-reduction

AI Healthcheck differs from the company’s standard offering because it can be used as a one-off check versus an ongoing monitoring tool that identifies and fixes issues in real-time. For a limited time, the AI Healthcheck service is being offered free of charge for a business’s first AI model and then charged after that for the total number of models validated. was founded by Ofer and Oren Razon in 2019, and recently announced $4.5 million in seed funding led by Capri Ventures and F2 Capital. The AI Assurance platform is currently one of the only commercially available platforms in this space and is already being used by customers around the world. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv and is planning to open new offices in the US later this year.

To validate the health of your AI models, contact the team to set up AI Healthcheck.

About enables business and operational teams to take ownership of the health of their AI environments. The company’s AI Assurance platform monitors AI models and can detect and solve issues in real-time, rather than taking the reactionary approach triggered by dropped business KPIs, which only occur after an error has become an issue. It bolsters trust for business leaders and operational teams who no longer need to rely on data science teams to ensure that AI models are functioning properly. The platform includes AI performance management, bias detection, explainability and AI analytics capabilities.

The founding team brings vast experience from the AI market. was conceived when co-founder and CTO Oren Razon noticed a gap in the AI market, after his time as a founding member of Intel’s AI internal competence center and as co-CEO of a leading AI services company.

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