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Strengthening Customer Segmentation Capabilities With the Help of Customer Analytics | Read Quantzig’s New Article for Detailed Insights

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Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized
analytics solutions, has announced the completion of their new article
on customer
which explains how banking services companies
can enhance their customer segmentation capabilities with the help of
customer analytics. The internal and external data sources can guide
banking services companies in product development, customer
communication, innovation, and growth. By leveraging customer analytics
banking services companies can analyze this data meticulously. This can
help banking companies to know their customers at a more granular level.

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Strengthening customer segmentation capabilities with the help of customer analytics. (Graphic: Busi ...

Strengthening customer segmentation capabilities with the help of customer analytics. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Establishing analytics as a true business discipline can help
banking services providers to understand the potential of their data
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Why is customer analytics important in banking

Analytics is the new normal

Due to moderate fee revenue, low-interest rates, onerous regulation, and
a less than robust economy, banking services providers are expected to
experience critical challenges in the days to come. So, it is highly
essential for banking services providers and credit unions to focus on
leveraging analytics services to reduce costs and increase revenue. It
can offer following benefits

  • Improved targeting of customer segments
  • Better management of sales leads across channels

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Achieve customer centricity

Customer service and communication channels are expanding. As a result,
more customers are interacting with their financial providers. Companies
in the banking sector are using online and mobile channels to gain
insights into real-time sales and services. Analytics can respond to
this rapid migration to digital channels by:

  • Integrating service tools and sales within a new digital environment
  • Enhancing branch effectiveness and efficiency

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Technological changes

Customer analytics is no longer a domain that can be accessed and used
only by highly skilled specialists. Today, marketers and other business
users can easily use these solutions to deal with complex business
scenarios. It can make the following improvements:

  • Increase the number of specialized vendor solutions
  • Enhance the ability to process increased data sources and collapsing
    product silos

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