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Strategy Analytics: Tire Pressure Monitoring Moving Towards Smart Tires, But Face Considerable Technical Challenges Remain

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The Strategy Analytics report, “TPMS: Technical Challenges to
Smart Tire Concepts, But Possible Market Potential for Fleets
looks at recent developments in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and how
they are evolving into “Smart Tire” concepts.
These add new
sensing attributes, such as tread depth, size of the contact patch (tire
area in contact with the road surface), road surface conditions,
vertical load and tire identification.

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Near term developments will use accelerometers to infer the new sensing
attributes listed above. Later, the smart tires could appear to offer
additional and more accurate sensing concepts, such as the Tyrata
IntelliTread and the temperature sensor from ContiSense to detect tire
“health.” Such concepts offer enhanced safety over current TPMS, such as
predicting an impending blowout, alerting the driver of a slow puncture,
of slippery road surfaces or of a recalled tire. Additional services can
result from smart tires in which tire manufacturers can leverage their
products to generate additional revenues, such as more accurate sensing
and adjustment of tire pressure and temperature to aid racing drivers,
by identifying the tires currently in use and so encourage consumers to
use winter tires and for fleet managers to closely monitor tire usage
that will enhance their tire inventories and lower operating costs.

These developments will lead to the development of more sophisticated
sensor modules that will need to be fitted to the tire surface. However,
this presents a significant technical challenge in designing a robust
sensor module. The additional data from these new sensor modules will
also pose also challenges from increased power consumption and data
communication. “However,” said Kevin Mak, Principal Analyst in the
Strategy Analytics Automotive Practice, “the high cost of tires in
commercial fleets and new business models could provide the necessary
market potential for smart tires.”

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