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Strategy Analytics: Majority of US Homes Will Have Smart Speaker Next Year

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There will be more US homes with smart speakers than without by the
end of next year, according to the latest projections from Strategy
Analytics. The report predicts that the 50% threshold will be reached in
late 2020, and the US will be the first country in the world to reach
this level of smart speaker ownership. The report predicts that by the
end of 2023 eight countries will have a majority of smart-speaker owning
households. The research also predicts global sales of more than 134
million smart speakers and screens in 2019, rising to 280 million by

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Smart Speaker Adoption Timeline (Graphic: Business Wire)

Smart Speaker Adoption Timeline (Graphic: Business Wire)

The full report from Strategy Analytics’ Smart Speakers and Screens
(SSS) service, Global Smart Speaker and Screens Shipment and
Installed Base Forecast for 88 Countries
can be found here:’19-update

The other countries reaching the 50% threshold in the next four years
will be the UK, Ireland, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Germany and
France. Widespread availability of apps and services in major languages
is a key factor behind the success of smart speakers in these countries.
Other markets, where less familiar languages are used, will tend to
track behind the leading nations in smart speaker adoption.

David Watkins, Director at Strategy Analytics, commented: “As we
approach the point where smart speakers become commonplace, marketers no
longer have any choice but to incorporate this technology into their
communications strategies. Voice interaction will become way of life for
the majority of the population in many major countries, and this
represents new opportunities for brands and businesses to create
improved customer relationships.”

A complimentary report highlighting the key findings of Strategy
Analytics’ recent consumer survey of early smart speaker adopters is
available here:

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