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StorONE Offers Free Enterprise Storage Platform to Organizations Impacted by Coronavirus

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StorONE today announced that it is providing its S1 Enterprise Storage Platform at no cost to any organization impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19) until June 30, with healthcare and scientific research facilities at the center of the pandemic response granted free use through October.

The S1 Enterprise Storage Platform simplifies organizations’ storage infrastructures while providing a solution that meets all the objectives of software-defined storage. The S1 Platform enables overwhelmed IT departments to take existing servers and storage to create a near-zero additional cost system complete with data-protection services to ensure mission-critical information is always available, immediately recoverable and remains durable during times of crisis.

StorONE’s suite of data protection services – S1:DirectWrite, S1:vRAID, S1:Snap and S1:Replicate – makes storage invincible by ensuring organizations can not only recover their information quickly but also retain data indefinitely without impacting performance. This combination of services delivers unprecedented protection from data loss, no matter the threat.

“The impact of Coronavirus is forcing all organizations to make compromises but one area where you cannot afford to compromise is your data assets,” said Gal Naor, StorONE co-founder, and CEO. “What do you do if your organization needs to accelerate the performance of your storage infrastructure but now finds itself with limited funds because of Coronavirus? For organizations looking to control IT infrastructure spend, StorONE can help avoid maintenance fees looming on the horizon for six months to a year while substantially improving performance and storage capacities.”

StorONE makes it easy to get an enterprise-class storage infrastructure up and running quickly. Because the S1 Enterprise Storage Platform’s software is simple to install, StorONE engineers can guide most customers through installation remotely via web conferencing services such as Skype, WebEx, and Zoom, in order to maintain a social distancing-compliant installation. Many customers are able to complete the installation themselves simply by following StorONE’s Quick Start Guide.

Organizations taking advantage of either of StorONE’s free usage offers are under no obligation to buy after their respective periods end. Those that find S1 to be a useful addition to their organization’s IT infrastructure can later convert their usage to a subscription model, with pricing available via a low monthly rate, or through a one-time perpetual license. Pricing for StorONE software usage after the free-license period will be published online on April 14. Most users of S1 find that a five-year perpetual license is less than the cost of one year of their current solution.

To learn more about S1 or to take advantage of StorONE’s free usage offer, interested parties can visit

About StorONE

At StorONE, we focus on delivering the best results for our customers. Our mission is to make Storage Heroes by providing IT professionals with an Enterprise Storage Platform that transforms software-defined storage into a comprehensive storage infrastructure for all use cases. The platform’s portfolio ranges from All-Flash Arrays delivering 10K to 900K IOPS, Hybrid Arrays capable of supporting four tiers or more of storage and NAS/Backup solutions priced at less than a penny per GB. The platform is also protocol independent including fibre, iSCSI, NFS, SMB and S3. All members of the Enterprise Storage Platform are available on-premises or in the cloud and come with the same enterprise class feature set, driven by the same interface which significantly reduces the cost of storage operation.

Powering our Enterprise Storage Platform is our innovative technology, Total Resource Utilization (TRU). TRU, with over nine years of development investment and dozens of approved patents, enables maximum performance on minimal storage hardware while providing extensive data protection and flexibility for future growth.

StorONE founders are proven, successful entrepreneurs who boast over 50 patent awards. Top-tier industry luminaries and strategic investors back the company. The StorONE headquarters are in New York, with offices in Fort Worth TX, Tel Aviv, and Singapore. Additional information about StorONE is available at