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StimaWELL North America Inc. Enters the US Market With Its State-of-the-art, Back-pain Relief, E Stim Therapy + Tens Device Called the StimaWELL 120MTRS; a Game-changer for Neck + Back Pain Recovery.

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EMS Market: StimaWELL North America Inc. is entering the USA market with its award-winning, FDA approved (Aug, 2020), StimaWELL 120MTRS Class II medical device, a wave E stim therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve + muscle stimulator (EMS) for rapid and effective, back + neck pain relief. Since 80% of North American’s experience neck + back pain1, the e-stim (EMS) market is experiencing exponential growth. StimaWELL North America Inc. is excited to deliver its superior quality, German manufactured products across the US. The company is proud to play a leading role in helping to relieve the suffering of millions affected by the chronic problem of neck + back pain.

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StimaWELL 120MTRS (Photo: Business Wire)

StimaWELL 120MTRS (Photo: Business Wire)

Target Market: Hundreds of thousands of people train with advanced full-body EMS technologies in Europe, including C-level executives, elite athletes and professional sports teams. NMES + TENS devices have led to impressive performance improvements for elite athletes such as hockey players increasing skating speed and strength by 25%2,3, baseball players recovering faster and improving blood lactate levels4 and alleviating muscle soreness in football & professional rugby players. StimaWELL North America and its German manufacturing partner are ready to disrupt the fitness & sports rehabilitation industry in the USA.

Technology: The StimaWELL 120MTRS is unique; it generates an electrical wave pulse in the modulated, medium frequency range (MMF) of 2kHz-6kHz, and administers a dynamic, wavelike stimulation, via 12 sequentially operating electrodes that are fully customizable. This means that you can target any muscle in the back for reinforcement or pain relief. When combined with the unit’s 104°F heat therapy feature, the unique MMF offers important benefits: comfortable and effective muscle recruitment, increased blood flow, reinforcement of posture muscles and effective relief of neck, back + shoulder pain.

Team: The company is led by serial entrepreneur Jason Frohlich. Triathlete + marathon runner with over 15 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, Jason and his team at StimaWELL North America Inc. have successfully delivered this powerful technology across Canada. The business decision behind Jason’s desire to expand to the US market is founded on his personal experience as an athlete and the desire to help other athletes reinforce & recover more efficiently. “I am excited to share this wonderful technology with the US market. I truly feel this is a game-changer for neck + pain relief and will help individuals and athletes recover faster and take their game to the next level.”