Press release Shows Surge in Online Transaction Volume Growth

Sponsored by Businesswire, a leading ecommerce platform provider for order management and recurring billing, reveals a 36% spike in transaction volume in the past 30 days as millions of US consumers shop for goods and services online. The increase is not surprising given the current landscape, but recent concerns surrounding direct-to-consumer businesses facing declines in sales is not apparent across all categories, particularly in the health, wellness and beauty sectors.

A study released by eMarketer shows US consumers are shopping online more to avoid brick-and-mortar in April compared to February. As an ecommerce platform provider, saw sales increase for more than 60% of its 10,000+ online merchants in the second half of March compared to the second half in February.

“Our data shows that online spending is not only steady, but is growing at an accelerated rate, particularly our clients in the health and wellness categories,” said Brian Bogosian, president and CEO of “Consumers are increasingly shopping online to replace what was historically accomplished in-store, and our platform is supporting our clients’ success in meeting this growing demand.” broke down their analysis into transaction volume, USD revenue growth, average order value (AOV) and category data. Here are the comparisons of March 22–April 20 to the previous 30 days:

  • Total transaction volume increased 36.1%
  • 62% of clients showed revenue growth
  • AOV increased 9.3%
  • Health and wellness category transaction volume increased 79%
  • Beauty category transaction volume increased 17.7%

“Our digitally native merchants are well ahead of the curve, while many brands have had to re-strategize and pivot their ecommerce operations,” Bogosian said. “The DTC category remains strong, and we’re in a unique position to help our clients benefit in this new environment.”


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