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Sterling Trading Tech and Nasdaq Publish Video Series Showcasing Nasdaq TotalView on Sterling Trader® Pro Platform

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Sterling Trading Tech (STT), an innovative leader of professional
trading technology solutions, and Nasdaq announced that they have
created a video series outlining the primary features and benefits of
utilizing Nasdaq TotalView on Sterling Trader® Pro, one of the most
widely used professional trading platforms in the industry.

Nasdaq TotalView is the standard Nasdaq data feed for traders,
displaying the full order book depth for Nasdaq market participants.
Leveraging Nasdaq TotalView on Sterling Trader® Pro enables traders to
determine pockets of liquidity at each price. The three-part video
series provides traders with the tools needed to refine their strategy
and make informed decisions based on the depth of liquidity.

Narrated by Nasdaq Markets Reporter Jill Malandrino, the video series
provides insights on how to best leverage Nasdaq TotalView on Sterling
Trader® Pro when trading equities, options, and futures. The series is
divided into three parts:

  • Part One provides a brief overview of the Nasdaq TotalView data feed
    and how to access it via the Sterling Trader® Pro platform.
  • Part Two explains how to customize key settings on the Sterling
    Trader® Pro platform including customizing the layout, organizing
    pricing data by size or time, and viewing all data in an aggregated
  • Part Three examines the net order imbalance monitor and the data it
    provides for all the trading and listing auctions that occur on the
    Nasdaq including Market Opens, Market Closes, IPOs, and Market Halts.

To watch the full video series, please visit:

Andrew Actman, Director of Business Development at Sterling Trading
Tech, commented on today’s news, “As our clients’ needs evolve, so do
our solutions, and this effort was a natural fit as Sterling Trading
Tech and Nasdaq are both data and technology driven organizations. Given
today’s segmented markets, providing traders with advantages to sourcing
liquidity is critical. Our initiative with Nasdaq demonstrates our
dedication to constantly delivering new functionality and additions to
our platforms, providing traders with the tools needed to succeed.”

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