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STATS Launches AI-Generated Predictions for Sportsbook Operators

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the revolutionary leader in sports AI, announced the official launch of
STATS VQ, which leverages proprietary granular data and AI to allow
sportsbooks to create unique player prop bets using machine learning
generated player predictions.

STATS VQ uses proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence to scan
the industry’s deepest historical database to create accurate player
prop APIs for sportsbooks. Each prediction is created from thousands of
data points and advancements in artificial intelligence, producing the
most likely outcomes of matchups and individual plays throughout every

“For years, sportsbooks in the UK and Las Vegas have been using player
props and predictions created through traditional data,” said Dr. Helen
Sun, Chief Technology Officer at STATS. “Given the advancements in AI
and machine learning, it’s time we harness the technology to improve
overall accuracy. STATS VQ brings player props and predictions to the
modern age, using STATS’ industry-leading depth of data and advanced AI
capabilities to help improve the props and lines created around games
leading to better pricing management, more revenue generation and
improved bettor engagement.”

STATS has a proven track-record in gaming, providing services
encompassing prediction, visualization, and bettor engagement for the
world’s largest sportsbooks and fantasy companies. STATS VQ is the
company’s first release leveraging the power of AI prediction in its
player props API, currently live for NFL and NBA, with expansion
underway to cover all major U.S. sports.

“Our award-winning predictive analytics team is now armed with granular
machine learning generated predictions to provide predictive information
which can power markets that currently don’t exist,” said Dr. Patrick
Lucey, VP of Artificial Intelligence at STATS. “Providing accurate
fine-grain predictions will equip sportsbooks with information they
don’t have which will help make better lines for games and player props,
improving all-around excitement in gaming. The technology behind STATS
VQ will drive the future of innovation in the sports betting industry.”

STATS delivers the most accurate in-game data with low latency—as
verified by a third-party study—making STATS the industry standard and
providing sportsbooks with a critical advantage to allow customers to
capture the most bets possible during games. STATS provides detailed,
factual and objective data and predictions at scale while utilizing the
most accomplished artificial intelligence team in the sports industry.

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