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Stateless Unveils Networking Industry’s First Software-Defined Interconnect Platform

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Stateless, Inc., the company reinventing network connectivity, today
announced Luxon – the industry’s first software-defined interconnect
(SD-IX) platform. As the company’s inaugural product since emerging from
stealth in January 2019, Luxon seamlessly delivers composable Layer 3+
network services such as routing, security and automation to
interconnect points.

As the first SD-IX platform to provide complete visibility, end-to-end
automation and API-driven functionalities, Luxon allows providers to
control and connect to every endpoint, including portfolio data centers,
tenant sites and hyperscale clouds. Importantly, Luxon’s capabilities
enable network providers to position themselves strategically within the
network stack and to monetize assets in new ways, without introducing
management challenges or overhead.

Rapid enterprise adoption of hyperscale clouds and transition from
on-premises to third party data centers and public clouds has created an
explosion in interconnectivity bandwidth reaching across all
environments. Once deployed, these workloads interact dynamically across
all sites, which is creating a nearly 50 percent increase in
interconnectivity bandwidth year over year.

“Colocation and cloud service providers are set to experience growing
demand as enterprises move away from on-premise data centers,” said
Philbert Shih, Managing Director, Structure Research. “Stateless is
poised to capitalize on a growing opportunity as outsourced
infrastructure revenue is expected to accelerate significantly through
2022, when it is forecasted to reach $382.63 billion up from $138
billion in 2018.”

Ideal for high throughput environments and deployed within colocation
and cloud MSP data centers, the Luxon platform allows service providers
to elevate existing assets while providing greater security, visibility
and control, no matter the endpoint. The ground-breaking architecture
provides users with the flexibility, agility and resiliency that current
network applications and virtual functions are unable to deliver.

“The business expectations of colocation and data center providers have
changed as enterprises continue to decentralize workloads, and these
providers must now position themselves as a primary hub for this tenant
traffic,” said Bob Laliberte, Practice Director & Senior Analyst, ESG.
“These providers can now leverage the Luxon platform to effectively
scale their business and easily monetize additional connections in the
data center.”

: .@BeStateless delivers, controls and monetizes composable
layer 3+ network services to interconnect points with Luxon – Industry’s
First Software Defined Interconnect Platform (SD-IX) –

Stateless’ Luxon platform delivers unprecedented control of the
different paths and Layer 3+ services for a provider’s tenants in an
automated way, while still maintaining quality of service (QoS),
visibility and control throughout the entire network. Stateless’
approach enables all of the individual components to communicate via
open Rest APIs. Other key differentiating capabilities of Luxon’s unique
architecture include:

  • Multitenancy – The Luxon SD-IX platform was created for
    multitenant environments and can securely handle enterprise workloads
    while providing tenants the ability to create customized networks
    based on unique requirements.
  • Automation – Luxon’s SD-IX technology is based on a web scale
    architecture and allows users to automate services end-to-end
    including deployment, growth and failover.
  • Visibility and Control – Rich APIs are a byproduct of Luxon’s
    architecture and provide users with access down to the most granular
    level of the system.
  • Consolidation and Evolvability – Users do not have to deploy
    new appliances or on-board new systems each time a tenant submits a
    new request or use case. With Luxon, providers can build out new
    solutions seamlessly using Stateless’ simple software-based platform.

In addition, Stateless’ Luxon provides users with agile, responsive and
flexible software-defined management of interconnect points that
protects connectivity revenue, intelligently extends outside a single
physical location and optimizes internal networks.

“Luxon is the first step in Stateless’ mission to provide users with the
power to create simple, customized networks on demand,” said Murad
Kablan, CEO and co-founder, Stateless. “The platform provides colocation
and cloud MSPs the real-time agility they need to adapt to ever-changing
business requirements and priorities.”

infra//STRUCTURE Conference Demo

Stateless will demo its Luxon platform at infra//STRUCTURE May 1-2, 2019
in Toronto, Canada. Stateless will also present: Stateless: Market
Expansion Beyond the Four Walls
on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 1:15
p.m. at the infra//STRUCTURE conference. To learn more or to request a
demo, contact 303-956-1070.

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At Stateless, we are reinventing network connectivity. Dedicated to
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Stateless delivers an industry-first SD-IX platform that gives network
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while streamlining network operations and minimizing capital
expenditures. The revolutionary Stateless platform gives users the power
to optimize existing network assets to control and connect every
endpoint, including portfolio data centers, tenant sites and hyperscale
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