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State of PRM Report from Solutionreach Reveals Four Key Trends

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the leader in patient relationship management (PRM) solutions, today
released a report
that looks at adoption of PRM technology, how healthcare organizations
are using it and what impact it is having on both operations and patient

The State of PRM Survey asked more than 700 healthcare professionals if
they use a PRM solution and how it impacts their organization. The
results showed some clear trends:

  • PRM technology addresses the main priorities and challenges
    organizations have related to patient engagement and experience such
    as increasing patient visits and lack of resources.
  • It does this in four key ways:

    • Improves patient communication, experience and outcomes
    • Reduces no-shows and cancellations
    • Increases revenue
    • Saves staff time
  • All healthcare organizations, regardless of specialty or size, have
    similar goals related to PRM: reducing no-shows and improving patient
  • There is an overall concern in the industry about the challenges
    related to implementing PRM technology—lack of budget and lack of time.

However, the study revealed that for those who have adopted a PRM
solution, those challenges were addressed. Most organizations saw
significant reductions in no-shows and savings of staff time, rather
than higher costs or use of staff time.

Standout data points that show how patient relationship management
technology is helping healthcare organizations include:

  • 90 percent of participants say that the use of text messaging improves
    patient outcomes and patient experience
  • 85 percent of participants said reminders improve patient experience
    and 79 percent said implementing automated recall messaging improved
    patient experience
  • 79 percent said patient reminders improved outcomes and 78 percent
    noted recall improved outcomes
  • 76 percent of staff reported they now spend less than two hours a day
    on the phone

“With growing consumer-based healthcare expectations, organizations need
to focus on improving patient experience today,” says Jim Higgins,
Founder and CEO of Solutionreach. “This survey shows that implementing
PRM technology improves patient experience and outcomes while also
helping healthcare providers to save time and money. The results
reinforce the belief that this technology is a win-win for providers and

For more information, read the full study,

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