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Start the Rest of Your Life Today: Insight School of Minnesota Now Enrolling for 2020-2021

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Students and families looking for a new approach to their education are invited to enroll at Insight School of Minnesota (ISMN) for the 2020-2021 school year.

A public school program of the Brooklyn Center Community School District, ISMN provides students throughout the state in grades 6-12 with the opportunity to reach their academic goals while planning for the future in an online and blended education setting.

With innovative technology and an interactive curriculum, ISMN combines online instruction with the support of state-licensed teachers to provide a personalized learning experience for its middle school and high school students. Graduates earn a high school diploma, and those who come to ISMN behind on credits can participate in the school’s academic remediation programs.

ISMN teachers facilitate lessons during live, interactive online classes, and students can receive support through extended class sessions and with real-time help from teachers. The school offers students the opportunity to progress faster in subjects at which they excel and spend more time on those where they need additional help.

“At ISMN our priority is to ensure the academic and personal success of each one of our students,” said Head of School John Huber. “We recognize that means something different for everyone. Whether they are planning for college, careers, or anywhere in between, we look forward to welcoming new families into our learning community.”

ISMN offers a supportive online and blended learning community, where teachers regularly communicate with students and their families via email, phone and during one-on-one meetings. Virtual student clubs and in-person activities such as field trips and community service opportunities enhance the student experience.

To learn more about ISMN and enrollment, visit, or download the K12 mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

About Insight School of Minnesota

Insight School of Minnesota (ISMN) is a tuition-free, full- and part-time online public school program of Brooklyn Center School District that serves students in grades 6 through 12. As part of the Minnesota public school system, ISMN is tuition-free, giving parents and families the choice to access the curriculum provided by K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s leading provider of proprietary K-12 curriculum and online education programs. For more information about ISMN, visit