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Stardog Named to DBTA Top 100 Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Stardog, the Enterprise Knowledge Graph leader, today announced that
Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) included the company in
their 2019 DBTA 100 – The Companies That Matter Most in Data. This
annual list recognizes companies based on their presence, execution,
vision and innovation in delivering products and services to the
marketplace. All 100 companies are highlighted in the June edition of
Database Trends and Applications magazine and here on
DBTA’s website.

“We are honored to be recognized as a top company in data,” said CEO of
Stardog, Michael Sachse. “Everyday, enterprises struggle to access their
own data. They use Stardog to do what they previously couldn’t —
sustainably connect data of diverse structures and schemas. Whether the
problem is customer 360, supply chain visibility, or clinical trial
discovery, Stardog takes pride in delivering a leading platform built to
enable data discoverability and holistic analysis. We look forward to
the continued development of our knowledge graph platform to power
mission critical applications and solve ambitious data challenges.”

Stardog makes it possible for organizations to link and query complex
data in a scalable, extendable, and repeatable manner. The data platform
powers robust applications for a variety of use cases including supply
chain optimization, clinical trial research, customer 360, and fraud
detection. Stardog empowers frictionless access to data and focuses on
connecting data, not collecting data. The platform augments a company’s
existing architecture investment allowing Chief Data Officers and Chief
Architects to adjust business models and operations without starting
from scratch.

“We’re excited to announce our seventh annual list, as the industry
continues to grow and evolve,” remarked Thomas Hogan, Group Publisher at
Database Trends and Applications. “Today, more than ever, businesses are
looking to increase their efficiency, agility and ability to innovate by
managing and leveraging data in new and novel ways. This list seeks to
highlight those companies that have been successful in establishing
themselves as unique resources for data professionals and stakeholders.”

About Stardog

Stardog’s knowledge graph platform allows large enterprises to connect,
query, and retrieve data of all structures, schemas, and velocities.
Stardog partners with industry leaders like Morgan Stanley, Bosch, NASA,
and more. Stardog is a privately held, venture-backed company
headquartered in Arlington, VA. For more information, please visit