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Stadion Fund Celebrates Milestone Birthday

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Stadion’s Tactical Growth Fund (ETFOX) has turned 15 years old, making it one of the 14 mutual funds in the Morningstar Tactical Allocation category with this long of a track record. Launched in 2004, the Stadion Tactical Growth Fund is one of the industry’s earliest ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) marketplace entrants.

“Our firm focuses on identifying risk that can affect investment outcomes,” said Jud Doherty, President and Chief Executive Officer. “The portfolio management team for the Tactical Growth Fund, which is led by Senior Portfolio Manager Paul Frank, uses a process that has resonated with advisors. We remain excited about our commitment to advisors and our firm’s focus on helping them with their business.”

The Stadion Tactical Growth Fund seeks long term capital appreciation while also seeking to mitigate market risk. A proprietary screening process is used to select ETFs and tactically allocate among domestic, international and non-correlated positions.

“Our process gives advisors a slightly different approach to risk management. During different market conditions, our use of non-correlated positions as a diversifier gives advisors a way to access this exposure without having to maintain and manage a static allocation,” says Frank.

About the Stadion Tactical Growth Fund

As of 6/30/19, the Stadion Tactical Growth Fund had $545 million under management.

About Stadion

Stadion Funds’ asset management focuses on asset allocations using ETFs and liquid alternative strategies designed to minimize risk while achieving investor objectives. Established in 1993, Stadion Money Management is an independent firm headquartered near Athens, Georgia. As of 6/30/19, Stadion Money Management managed approximately $3.0 billion. Visit Stadion Money Management at

ETF Risk

There are additional costs and potential risks associated with investing in domestic and international exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Investments in equities, including ETFs, are subject to market risks, sector risks, tracking risks, ETF net asset value and market price risks. Additionally, investors will indirectly bear fees and expenses charged by the underlying ETFs and investment companies in which a Stadion portfolio invests. International investing involves certain risks not usually associated with domestic investing, including currency fluctuation, economic and political volatility, foreign taxation and differences in financial standards.

An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the Stadion Funds carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the Funds. A copy of the prospectus is available by calling Stadion Funds directly at (866) 383-7636 or Stadion Money Management, LLC, the investment advisor, at (800) 222-7636. The prospectus should be read carefully before investing.

The Stadion Funds are distributed by ALPS Distributors, Inc.